April 18, 2013

Summer spots!

There are many places to hang out this summer here in Bohol, Philippines. And it would be refreshing if we go at the shores of the sea. A blue sky, touch of the sea breeze, and a fresh air is where we want to be.

People hang out freely.
This picture is located in Baclayon, Bohol where it lies in front of the famous Baclayon Church. It is well developed by the residents of Baclayon and is a perfect place to hang out. What's good about this place is that, you don't need to spend much money because it has no fees like those beach resorts. A bunch of food and beverages is enough to satisfy yourself. Lying along its sides are barbecue and balot vendors. There is also a floating restaurant. People also come to hike and exercise, so as fishing and bathing at the sea. It is fun to stay at places like Balwarte, where you can freely hear the sound of the sea waves.

This is also a part of Balwarte, its tallest peak. Only authorized persons are allowed to go up.
 It has a good view and serves as a guide to the boats travelling at night.

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