April 8, 2013

Glamorous Shop

"Now open for business!" My friend says.

I met a friend way back high school and now (college), she's one of my best friends. She grew up in a business minded family were their life lies in their own variety store. Through her experiences, she decided to brought up her own business about fashion named GLAMOROUS. It successfully started last year's January. My friend bought the supplies (dress, shirts, blouses, accessories, shoes, swimsuits, makeups, etc) at the other shops online outside Bohol. The advantage is for the Boholano people that they may no longer need to buy from those online shops (outside Bohol places) and pay for the shipping fee. 

(Opened last February 18, 2013)
I helped my friend by selling some clothes in school and I come to realize that business is like a person's whole life, it run through ups and downs. And no matter how you wanted it to be always good, it have to go through the hard times to polish your skills and thus, it leads you to success.

To view more about GLAMOROUS SHOP, visit the page in facebook: Glamous Shop.

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