April 29, 2013


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Loving summer? Yeah... Because all I look onto summer is the white sand beach.

My friends and I would not let a season of summer pass by without hanging out at a beach. So we planned  and held it last Saturday at the Dumaluan Beach Resort located in Bolod, Panglao, Bohol. This beach is famous since my childhood years. It was well maintained and has a neat surrounding especially at the sea. There are many customers at that beach every weekend, where people enjoy with their families and friends. The green creatures at the sea were the sea weeds and stones. People  should be wearing slippers because for safety (there are other creatures like the shells or mollusks lying at the bed of the sea). Other things you need to bring before splashing at the sea? The sunblock lotions and creams (SPF 24) to avoid sunburns. And sunglasses too, for your eye safety.

We spent whole day at the beach and ended up the sea on it low tide, where we took a chance to go at the grassy part of the beach. We hunt for sea urchins and other sea creatures. We didn't find any sea urchin at the grassy part because it was low tide, it could have transfer to a place where water is found. The beach is a great place to spend your summer with, making memories and moments with the special persons in your life.

April 18, 2013

Summer spots!

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There are many places to hang out this summer here in Bohol, Philippines. And it would be refreshing if we go at the shores of the sea. A blue sky, touch of the sea breeze, and a fresh air is where we want to be.

People hang out freely.
This picture is located in Baclayon, Bohol where it lies in front of the famous Baclayon Church. It is well developed by the residents of Baclayon and is a perfect place to hang out. What's good about this place is that, you don't need to spend much money because it has no fees like those beach resorts. A bunch of food and beverages is enough to satisfy yourself. Lying along its sides are barbecue and balot vendors. There is also a floating restaurant. People also come to hike and exercise, so as fishing and bathing at the sea. It is fun to stay at places like Balwarte, where you can freely hear the sound of the sea waves.

This is also a part of Balwarte, its tallest peak. Only authorized persons are allowed to go up.
 It has a good view and serves as a guide to the boats travelling at night.

April 8, 2013

Glamorous Shop

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"Now open for business!" My friend says.

I met a friend way back high school and now (college), she's one of my best friends. She grew up in a business minded family were their life lies in their own variety store. Through her experiences, she decided to brought up her own business about fashion named GLAMOROUS. It successfully started last year's January. My friend bought the supplies (dress, shirts, blouses, accessories, shoes, swimsuits, makeups, etc) at the other shops online outside Bohol. The advantage is for the Boholano people that they may no longer need to buy from those online shops (outside Bohol places) and pay for the shipping fee. 

(Opened last February 18, 2013)
I helped my friend by selling some clothes in school and I come to realize that business is like a person's whole life, it run through ups and downs. And no matter how you wanted it to be always good, it have to go through the hard times to polish your skills and thus, it leads you to success.

To view more about GLAMOROUS SHOP, visit the page in facebook: Glamous Shop.

April 3, 2013

The Turkeys

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My first time to see white turkeys at my parents in law's residence in Jimalalud, Negros Oriental, Philippines. I took a picture of it using my cellphone and I told them I would like to ask for poult if ever the mother turkey will hatch her eggs. In my entire life, I have not yet tasted this kind of meat. In our place, only few were able to raise this kind of birds because a pair of it is a little bit expensive. I hope soon my hubby can roast one if we can have it in our home.

A pair of white turkeys.