March 25, 2013

With Grandpa and the Multicab

My family and I had a Skype call yesterday. It was a success because they have a good internet connection. My Mom's immediate news was that their new CPU has finally arrived and that it has the latest Windows 7 Operating System in it. She said my father really hoped to see his grandsons in the internet soon as he really missed them so much. He did not appear yesterday as he was on duty on his job as a Security Guard. I said to them that we can try doing Skype again this weekend where he's available.

This is a nice picture of my two boys and their Grandpa G. Little G and Grandpa G has the same names. In fact, Little G got his name after his Granpa G. 

The Grandpa is fixing something in his multicab at that time and the boys are watching him. To them it is very exciting to see a guy fixing a bus. They don't see this very often here in PA as their Daddy doesn't usually do this kind of stuff. Anyhow, the problem of the multicab at that time was that the cooler system's hose got worn out and causes the multicab to overheat. My father asked me if I can help him buy a heat resistant hose as it lasts longer than the ordinary kind.

This is Little G and Little V sitting inside their Grandpa G's multicab. 

They call it "The Bus" as it looks like a bus where they don't need to be buckled like going inside our car. When I asked them if they still remember Grandpa G, they will always say that he went out fixing the bus. Ain't that cute? I'm sharing this post to 366 BPC.


  1. weeeee... ka cute sa mga anak sa kano kay misakay ug multicab..... they are half pinoy.. mao ng kamao jud mulingkod nga walay seatbelts.. hehe. Love it Mel.

  2. Adorable kiddos! I bet they have a great time spent with their grandpa :-)

    Visiting for BPC!

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  4. Did they love riding on that multicab Momi Mel? Si Triz sauna kay na-paborito pud niya magsakay-sakay sa multicab. Fresh air man gud kaayo. :D

    BPC hop ko diri.

  5. mingawon dyud ang mga lolo ug lola sa ilang apo. kung pwede lang dili na paulion lagi. =D behave kaau imong mga boys mommy Mel no? u did a pretty good job in raising your boys. =)

    BPC hop! late akong beauty. hehe