March 7, 2013

Kitchen Ceiling Lights

As someone who enjoys spending a lot of time in the kitchen –whether cooking or socialising—it disheartens me to see houses with unnecessarily dull light fixtures in theirs. It's such an easy way to update and transform one of the most important spaces in the home, that there really is no excuse for lacklustre lighting.

Geoffrey Harris Lighting offers a selection of high quality light fixtures to transform your kitchen into a functional yet stylish space. Lights such as the ones in the Como collection are a trendy addition, but will not look dated in decades to come. The spotlight bulbs of the Como Triple Round and the Como Triple Long face different directions to reduce glare off tiles, ensuring a comfortable but clean light.

Kitchen ceiling lights can be as pretty as they are practical, so the illumination need not be harsh or clinical.  Pendant lights mounted over a kitchen island or breakfast bar are a handsome focal point, and provide a great task light for everyday kitchen activities. The Caravaggio series by Danish designer Cecilie Manz marries robust quality with smooth, soft lines. The shape and depth of the matte drawn steel shade emits an ambient uplight to illuminate the larger space, and also casts a glare-free light downwards for more specific tasks. And, like the painter the range is named after, the suspension lamp creates a beautiful contrasting shadow.  The result is stunning, and adds a touch of drama to an otherwise functional space. The smallest in the range, the Caravaggio P1, is the perfect size for a kitchen, and would look great in multiples.

Another Geoffrey Harris pendant, the "Drop" pendant light, would also look great in the kitchen. This one has a more feminine shape, and its muted taupe/beige colour is subdued, but still provides a vibrant light. It is an elegant alternative to an unsightly incandescent bulb, but will not interfere with the décor of the space. For more ideas have a look at Geoffrey Harris online (and get free next day delivery on all orders over £50) or pop into their store in Battersea.


  1. those lights look cool. i am looking for some lighting upgrades in our kitchen so im definitely going to give this site a try.

  2. So cool and modern. I'd love to have a set of lights like that in our kitchen, old style pa kami eh lol.

  3. We need a new ceiling lights as the one that we have right now is old and need a new style to give our ceiling a new look, too!