March 29, 2013

Going Sunset at the Bridge

I've heard that this bridge is a good place to spend time so I took time I stopped by this bridge when I went driving with my friends. I saw its beauty along with the sunset and how busy this bridge is, because it serves as a connection between Dauis and Tagbilaran City. As you can see, its surroundings is worth living. Its cleanliness and order is maintained by the people living in Dauis. Many people also came to stand by at this place, not only during sunset but also at night. This place has a good breeze from the sea and has a nice view of the houses and buildings of Tagbilaran.  Some people go picnic while some go hiking, jogging, biking, fishing, and dating. It's good to make memories in this place, makes me remember how beautiful God's creation is.

That's me, enjoying myself while seeing the sea on its low tide. I saw sea urchins down there and it's giving me a feeling of ghost bumps. Hahaha.

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