March 7, 2013

Cute Tarsiers and a Personalized Hoodie

Just want to say I'm so proud to be a Boholana. It is where Tarsiers came from. Some people think Tarsier are ugly creatures but nevertheless they are so cute and friendly when you see it for real. I have seen Tarsiers in open sanctuaries in Bohol, Philippines. It is where people can see them on the spot, clinging to a branch. There was a time that I saw a Mother Tarsier with a baby Tarsier on its back. Too bad I didn't have a nice camera at that time to capture it. This time when I went back home in Bohol (this January), I got my baby T2i dslr camera with me. I was able to take clear pictures to a few of them. I'm so excited to share the pictures to you guys on the next posts.

As of now, let me show you this nice customized Hoodies that I'm waiting to arrive on my mailbox next week. I ordered them online for free in exchange for a review on my other blog. Ain't this cute?

Here's a clear photo of what I wanted to print on a white hoodie that I'm going to wear. It's a photo that my brother took using my T2i camera. My kids we're featured as Tarsiers. This is a huge painting with a hole that you can put your face right through it and picture yourself as a Tarsier at Sagbayan Peak.

How about you, have you seen a Tarsier? Would you like to see one someday?


  1. I never seen Tarsier in person, but I heard a lot about them and saw some pictures of them too. Maybe one of this days, I get a chance to to see for real and explore Bohol :) Hoodies looks beautiful:)

  2. No way! Tarsiers are not ugly, they're so cute! I had been to Bohol and saw those cutie! Anyway, that is one cool personalized hoodie, you got there...

  3. That is too cute! I have never heard of these animals, but they do look cute, with exception of their feet! Love the kids faces on them!

  4. Awww these are the cutest design ever. I remember when Ms. Burrito was born, my SIL made my husband a shirt with me and my daughter's picture in it.

    Glad to see you once again sis. Missya.