March 29, 2013

Going Sunset at the Bridge

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I've heard that this bridge is a good place to spend time so I took time I stopped by this bridge when I went driving with my friends. I saw its beauty along with the sunset and how busy this bridge is, because it serves as a connection between Dauis and Tagbilaran City. As you can see, its surroundings is worth living. Its cleanliness and order is maintained by the people living in Dauis. Many people also came to stand by at this place, not only during sunset but also at night. This place has a good breeze from the sea and has a nice view of the houses and buildings of Tagbilaran.  Some people go picnic while some go hiking, jogging, biking, fishing, and dating. It's good to make memories in this place, makes me remember how beautiful God's creation is.

That's me, enjoying myself while seeing the sea on its low tide. I saw sea urchins down there and it's giving me a feeling of ghost bumps. Hahaha.

March 25, 2013

With Grandpa and the Multicab

My family and I had a Skype call yesterday. It was a success because they have a good internet connection. My Mom's immediate news was that their new CPU has finally arrived and that it has the latest Windows 7 Operating System in it. She said my father really hoped to see his grandsons in the internet soon as he really missed them so much. He did not appear yesterday as he was on duty on his job as a Security Guard. I said to them that we can try doing Skype again this weekend where he's available.

This is a nice picture of my two boys and their Grandpa G. Little G and Grandpa G has the same names. In fact, Little G got his name after his Granpa G. 

The Grandpa is fixing something in his multicab at that time and the boys are watching him. To them it is very exciting to see a guy fixing a bus. They don't see this very often here in PA as their Daddy doesn't usually do this kind of stuff. Anyhow, the problem of the multicab at that time was that the cooler system's hose got worn out and causes the multicab to overheat. My father asked me if I can help him buy a heat resistant hose as it lasts longer than the ordinary kind.

This is Little G and Little V sitting inside their Grandpa G's multicab. 

They call it "The Bus" as it looks like a bus where they don't need to be buckled like going inside our car. When I asked them if they still remember Grandpa G, they will always say that he went out fixing the bus. Ain't that cute? I'm sharing this post to 366 BPC.

March 7, 2013

Cute Tarsiers and a Personalized Hoodie

Just want to say I'm so proud to be a Boholana. It is where Tarsiers came from. Some people think Tarsier are ugly creatures but nevertheless they are so cute and friendly when you see it for real. I have seen Tarsiers in open sanctuaries in Bohol, Philippines. It is where people can see them on the spot, clinging to a branch. There was a time that I saw a Mother Tarsier with a baby Tarsier on its back. Too bad I didn't have a nice camera at that time to capture it. This time when I went back home in Bohol (this January), I got my baby T2i dslr camera with me. I was able to take clear pictures to a few of them. I'm so excited to share the pictures to you guys on the next posts.

As of now, let me show you this nice customized Hoodies that I'm waiting to arrive on my mailbox next week. I ordered them online for free in exchange for a review on my other blog. Ain't this cute?

Here's a clear photo of what I wanted to print on a white hoodie that I'm going to wear. It's a photo that my brother took using my T2i camera. My kids we're featured as Tarsiers. This is a huge painting with a hole that you can put your face right through it and picture yourself as a Tarsier at Sagbayan Peak.

How about you, have you seen a Tarsier? Would you like to see one someday?

Kitchen Ceiling Lights

As someone who enjoys spending a lot of time in the kitchen –whether cooking or socialising—it disheartens me to see houses with unnecessarily dull light fixtures in theirs. It's such an easy way to update and transform one of the most important spaces in the home, that there really is no excuse for lacklustre lighting.

Geoffrey Harris Lighting offers a selection of high quality light fixtures to transform your kitchen into a functional yet stylish space. Lights such as the ones in the Como collection are a trendy addition, but will not look dated in decades to come. The spotlight bulbs of the Como Triple Round and the Como Triple Long face different directions to reduce glare off tiles, ensuring a comfortable but clean light.

March 3, 2013

Enjoying Winter, Red Gloves and Snow Angel

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The kids are happy to be back home after our Tropical escapade in Philippines this January. They love winter more after having experienced the hot weather. Sometimes, we can't appreciate the winter weather if we get used to it. They miss our folks in Philippines, of course, and they also miss their home here Pennsylvania. A heavy snow weather visited our place a couple of weeks ago and the kids are aching to get out of the house and enjoy the snow in our backyard. So here's a few of our happy moments.

George got to do his first Snow Angel.

I didn't think of letting them wear the same color of gloves that day but they enjoyed wearing red gloves.

Here's my two boys, walking around the snow.

How about you, how's your winter days?