September 30, 2012

Guidelines for the Prevention of Substance Abuse in Adolescents

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1. All chemicals are harmful to the body, at least to some extent (alcohol, for example, causes liver disease).

2. Relying on drugs to give you courage to solve problems (or help to forget you have problems) prevents you from learning to handle life situations and maturing.

3. To bottom line of drug abuse is that you have the final say: you are the only one who can stop chemical dependency from happening.

4. Whether the drug is inhaled, swallowed, or injected, it still is absorbed and enters your body.

5. Despite their social acceptability, alcohol and nicotine are drugs. A month of daily use of either can make you addicted.

September 29, 2012

Feast of St. Michael the ArchAngel

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September 29 is the Feast Day of St. Michael the Arch Angel.  I attended a Holy Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral in Tagbilaran City at 7:15 a.m. It is an English Mass.  In our little chapel, we pray also the nine days novena in honor of St. Michael. The towns that celebrated the fiesta for St. Michael is very far from my place.  So, I cannot just easily went there. Last night, I never thought my family was able to receive a dinner invitation of one of our family friend as they were bringing food coming from Jagna, Bohol who was celebrating the Feast for St. Michael. I was so happy I was still able to partake the food during the Feast of St. Michael.

September 25, 2012

At Man Made Forest

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Sweet memories of my in laws during their picture taking at Man Made Forest in Bilar, Bohol, Philippines.  They were so excited to see the place during that time.  The trees were purposely planted in this area.  That is why it is called Man Made Forest.  Most of the tourist dropped by in the said place to experience the cool  breeze coming from the woods.

September 22, 2012

Two Cute Water Falls

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Picture taken during our river cruise last March 2012.  The two cute water falls is one also of the attraction during the river cruise. Watching these two cute water falls will keep you cool and refreshed while inside the floating restaurant.  The boat stayed for five minutes before we went back to the terminal area of the floating restaurants. It is worth visiting the place.

My Nursing Student

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She is my youngest daughter taking up nursing course. I am happy that she is devoted in her studies even though she has stopped schooling for two years because of financial difficulty.  With the little help from her eldest sister and our little income, we are praying she can finish her course in 2014 God Willing.  I am posting here their picture after hospital duty in one of the district hospital in our place. She is third from right.   

September 19, 2012

Pretty Flower Arrangement

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I really like the vase color with the flowers.  This vase is hard to work with but these flowers went well.  It will really inspire us. Because of this flower arrangement, I became interested with Ikebana.  The picture was sent to me by my friend who is now living in Iowa, U.S.A.

September 15, 2012

Whale Watching

Last March 2012, our family together with the families of my brother and sisters in law were having our whale watching at Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.  We were so lucky that on our way to Virgin Island, we met the dolphins. My brother in law took a picture of it.  There were a lot of pump boats who were sailing during that time and it was hard to chase the dolphins.  When there were only few boats left, the dolphins showed to us. Everybody were so happy to see the them. At least, we did not missed it.


September 14, 2012

Ormoc City by the Bay

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A very nice view taken by my brother in law last May 2012.  They were at Sabin Resort Hotel when he took this picture.  His whole family stayed in this hotel when they celebrated the 5th birthday of his only son. I was thankful to him he sent me this picture.  It is worth for a picture frame. 

September 11, 2012

Near Piazza Grande Switzerland

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According to my sister in law, this view is near Piazza Grande in Switzerland.  This picture was taken by her three days before the "Locarno International Film Festival".  Nice plants and colorful flowers.  This is worth strolling around. She was so very lucky to be in this place.  There are a lot of nice views worth visiting. 

September 10, 2012

Beautiful Landscaping in Switzerland

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This picture was sent to me by my sister in law last May 6, 2012.  She said she took it three days before the "Locarno International Film Festival" in Switzerland.  More info about this film festival can be read at Wikipedia. I asked her if the red flowers on the ground were real ones and she said they are for real.  I really admired the super trimmed landscape.

September 1, 2012

The Euphorbia Plant

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I was attracted to these flowers when I saw them in one my neighbors house.  I have also planted this kind of plant at the back of our house to serve as fence because it is thorny.  My friend gave me this variety of plant sometime in 2005.  At first, I was not attracted to this plant because of the thorns.  But because of the pink flowers on its top, I just accepted it and learn to like it.  Until now, they still bear flowers.