December 25, 2012

Simple Salad Me

There are many recipes that we can select for special occasions like Christmas. Simple or complicated recipes, it depends. But for me, I'd rather choose the simple ones, one that I've always tasted every occasions since childhood.

Macaroni Salad. This is our first recipe for the celebration of Christmas. Me and my mom made this. And this is my first time to make it. I thought it is hard to make this recipe but it was pretty easy then. First, we need macaroni (any brand or shapes will do) and boil it with water until it softens. Next, prepare the ingredients (fruit cocktail, raisins, cheese, cream (Nestle), mayonnaise, condensed milk, and Kaong). We will just have to mix it all with the cooked macaroni. Make sure to have the right taste, not too sweet-not too bland.

Macaroni mixed with heavy cream and raisins.
The ingredients that we used are ready to mix.

How about you? Did you make something special this Christmas? Could you share with me your recipes?

This post is written by Cecile Ann, youngest sister of Mel Cole.

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