November 3, 2012

What's your masterpiece?

God gave us life to live, and to discover our purpose here on land. He gave us all the goods in life and one of those goods is our God-given talent. Some of it is still hidden, waiting to be nurtured and discovered and some are on the other way around. Each of us has a talent that will let us learn the true meaning of life.

My sister has a good talent in drawing. I used to do tracing on her drawings when I was in kindergarten. I could still remember the first drawing I’ve traced from her, that was Taz, a cartoon character from Looney Tunes. After that, I learned that tracing is not an art; it was somewhat like of a copycat. So I tried to do the real drawing. Had a lot of masterpiece, most of it were asked and some were given as a form of gift from me. As of now, I only held 3 masterpieces; all from the anime, Death Note.

Near (N) -- a demure and dark type but the wisest.   

Lawliet (L) -- The most popular detective but because of being wise, he gambled his life.
Lawliet (Right) and Light (Left) -- wise vs wise

My drawings may not be like of an expert, but still I find it as one of my achievements in life.. A million thanks to the people who encouraged and taught me to draw, especially  to my sister, for being the first teacher and To God, for giving me this special talent. :)


  1. Go Go Go Cecile, please give us more drawings !!!

  2. Replies
    1. awww, maka-hilak man pud ta ug popcorn nimo lomz :,) beautiful drawings. don't lose this talent :D

    2. Panghatag ug popcorn te ug mkahilak nka.. haha :D
      Thanks te.. You too, don't lose this talent. :)