November 22, 2012

" 4 Vitamins of Spiritual Body "

1.) Vitamin A
                     Attendance in church service and offering ourselves to the Lord...

2.) Vitamin B

                      Bible study, we need this daily to gain more knowledge about our Lord...

3.) Vitamin C

               Christian service, showing our Love and Kindness to everyone...

4.) Vitamin D

               Daily Prayer, don't forget to communicate with our Lord...   

It is very important to have this vitamins for our spiritual body as Christians. We take too much vitamins for our physical and mental body but we must never forget also to have our spiritual body to be energized. Just this simple texts, we are reminded and directed to our Lord. Be one of kind Christians!


  1. i need more of the first 3 Vitamins.. :(

    1. mommy kimmy, you can still do it :) do it little by little.