August 15, 2012

An Uncontrolled Event

Last August 13, 2012, I told my husband that I am going to withdraw our money from our Bank as we are going to pay the tuition for midterms exam for my youngest daughter who is taking up nursing course. This was the money sent by my eldest daughter from the United States.  Since this amount is the only money that we have to pay for the tuition, my hubby told me not to withdraw it until August 15 because he has negative thoughts that I might be snatched along the way.  But I did not listen to my husband because I want to pay the tuition the following day August 14.  When I went to our bank , it was already past 10:00 in the morning.  Many depositors were already there who form their line going to the ATM machine. When my turn came, I inserted my ATM card.  I have transacted for my balance inquiry then after knowing my available balance, I proceeded to withdraw my money.  I was surprised for the long processing of the ATM machine.  Then afterwards, the ATM machine has displayed that it was out of order and it advised that we go to other banks with megalinks.  Since my plan is to withdraw the money on that day, I planned to withdraw over the counter with our bank .  Unfortunately, they cannot transact any withdrawal as it was OFFLINE. So, what I did, I went to another bank. When I inserted my ATM card, it says my account is not existing.  Then, I inserted my ATM card again, the it says my available balance was already P8.34.  My heart beats fast and was so worried why all my money was gone. Then, I went back to our Bank which is only a walking distance from the other bank which I planned to withdraw my money. I told their staff of what had happened to me when I transacted with their ATM machine.  The lady told me that it is an uncontrolled event.  That will really happened when the ATM machine is OFFLINE and you have already transacted for withdrawal. The ATM machine will automatically deduct the amount of your withdrawal. She told me that I have to file for ATM complaint so that my money will be returned back to my account.  It will take 3 to 4 days for the processing.  I felt relieved of what she had told me.  At least, my money is still there.  My problem is where to secure for the payment of the tuition.  Fortunately, I met my best friend in one of the malls in the city at 2:00 pm ,who is a devotee of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on that day of August 13.  I related to her of what had happened to me during that day.  She really pity me and we went to her depository bank to withdraw her money of P4,000 and she let me borrow the said amount so I can pay for the tuition.  I was so thankful and I promised  to pay her as soon as my money will be returned back by our depository bank.  In the morning of August 16,2012, I checked my account with our Bank through the internet.  I was so very happy that my money was return back in my account.

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