August 3, 2012

Our Town Patroness - Our Lady Of Peace And Good Voyage

This is our very own patroness in our town and Her altar on our church, Nuestra Señora de La Paz Y Buen Viaje or Our Lady Of Peace And Good Voyage in Delapaz, Cortes, Bohol. After the lenten season, on the month of Flores de Mayo, our patroness is dressed up with pure white dress with the Our Lady Of Lourdes Medal and Belt. The Novena attendees and the many of our town's kids offer their colorful calachuchi flowers in honor of the Blessed Mother. I like the design of Her altar that is so simple. Sometimes the gold color of the paint makes it like look like a castle. Many people visit in our church because of her great miracle. There was a time that the statue cries real tears when people touch Her statue. It is an honor of us living in our place that she's our beloved patroness who will bring us closer to God's blessings.



  1. she is so pretty :-) you forgot to mention your town ... i wish to visit this church because my mama goes for bisita iglesia ...anyway, dropping by have a wonderful evening

  2. Came here to visit u back, Mel.