August 19, 2012

Build Your Faith - Key To Effective Prayer

When someone tells you "Keep Praying" or "I'm praying for you", do you focus on the "Act of Praying" rather than the person telling you to do so? Everybody is not perfect, but Prayers do miracles. It can even move a mountain. Praying is not just an act of reciting prayers, but rather an act of submission to God's presence, to believe with all your mind, heart and soul that God is truly the only One God, The Father Almighty. This is one important factor in Building Your Faith. Here are other factors that will also help you build your faith, according to Ruth Seebeck:

  • The more you speak, read and listen to the Word, the stronger your faith becomes. Hearing builds faith. When you speak, you hear yourself talk. When you read, you hear the words in your head.
  • What you hear and absorb is what you will eventually speak … and what you will receive. Prayer is only as effective as what is in your heart.

Sacred Heart Of Jesus
Sacred Heart Of Jesus Image at Immaculate Heart Of Mary Chapel, Delapaz, Cortes, Bohol. This is where  I started deepen my Faith to God's Blessings.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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  1. The only way that I can survive with trials that comes in my way is through prayers :-) Dropping by from BPC

  2. have a blessed sunday to you and your family too!

  3. Prayer is powerful and God really answers prayers :-)

    Visiting for BPC!

  4. praying is our way to communicate with God. so true, prayer can move mountains, but prayer and faith without action is nothing. 231 bpc visit here.

  5. i always pray everyday, no matter where i am. silent nga lang. it was in a study that sick people who pray more, the more likely have chance to heal. kay ang hormones daw nato naga produce of positive hormones while praying. mao daw sulti. science explanation. lol. but i believe its because of the Above. =)

    frpm BPC 231

  6. prayer and walking in the ways of God

  7. that is true. Without faith prayers wouldn't be as effective as those who have faith.

    visiting back from BPC

  8. the power of prayer is the key to get closer to God.

    bpc hop pod ko dire yotch!