April 24, 2012

God is a Great Provider

My youngest daughter is taking up summer classes this year.  Her summer subject load is 9 units in nursing course.  Her school tuition reached an exact amount of P11,184.00. I have sold one pig for this and the proceeds was only P9,025.00.  I was really worried where I can get the balance of P2,159.00.  One day, I did not expect  a mail containing a check from the GSIS (Government Service Insurance System). This is amounting to P3,400.00 as educhild reimbursement  from the said office.  When my kids were still young, I get an educational plan for them being a government employee before. This is only very minimal amount but it really helps.  I cannot help to say, GOD IS A GREAT PROVIDER. 

Flower arrangement from the altar table 
of the Holy Trinity Parish,
 Manga District, Tagbilaran City
taken April 22, 2012


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    I agree, He, the God is such a great and wonderful giver and provider. and you are a good provider to your family too. we us parents we want to send our children to school and we are willing to do all we can just to give them what they deserve. if selling pig is one way of providing them financially, by all means do it. we gotta do what we gotta do, you know what i mean? give yourself a pat on your back because not all parents does what you do :)

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    have fun :D