March 6, 2012

A Memorable Day

When my children were still little kids, we used to spend our family bonding in one of the fine restaurants in our place. As they grow up and when they start to study in college, we never practice this anymore as we have to save for payment of their tuition fees. Last March 2011, my son graduated from college and he luckily passed the Nursing Licensure Examination in July 2011. Six months after, he found a job as a private nurse. Unexpectedly, last Sunday, March 4, 2012 he treated the whole family for fine dining in one of the known restaurants in our place. I was really surprised. He let all of us order the food we like. Then, his father ordered the fish fillet with sweet and sour. I also ordered pancit canton and my youngest daughter ordered the signature food of the restaurant which is the jj’s chicken. Of course, the plain rice was there. I took a picture of the food we ordered as it was so memorable to me that my son shared his blessings with us.

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