February 7, 2012

Praying For Fast Recovery Of The Recent Philippine Earthquake Victims

Natural Disaster is an unpredictable circumstance in our world today. Just yesterday, I read lots of Facebook posts of my friends in Bohol and Negros, Oriental who are scared of the earthquake as it was occurring quite a few times in the afternoon and at night time. It must be terrible to experience it even just of imagining what they were saying. I felt nervous because it is near to the islands where my parents and my relatives lives. I sent a Facebook message to my cousin who was on and off online that day and I noticed that neither my mother nor my sister was not online. I began to panic. I called my husband upstairs and I told him about the Earthquake. He turned his computer right away and search the main news in the internet until we got to read more articles that my family would probably feel the Earthquake but not that strong. I felt a relief to know about it. And my sister confirmed in a message in Facebook that day that she and my family in Bohol is ok. And I felt sad to hear the news of my Aunt that my Grand Parent's house in Negros, Oriental was badly affected. She said the establishments were closed and the people can't buy or get food. My Grand Mother who is a Barangay Captain in their town is worried for her people who are starving. I am praying that help will get fast to their place. I told my husband about the news this morning and were planning to send them some help from our side. Please include the Earthquake victims yesterday in your prayers folks!

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  1. oh my...I hope everybody is well over there...sa ako ko lil bro kabalo nga nag linog pod sa CDo...my gosh!