February 27, 2012

Our Big Flash Light

For how many months now, we have been using a small flash light at home when we go out at night to inspect our small poultry house outside. I asked my husband what happened to our big flash light he bought five years ago. It is a rechargeable flash light and it has a halogen bulb. He told me it has a problem on its battery. I suggested that we have to buy a new battery so that the big flash light can be used. When I went to the store, the battery cost P400.00. I did not hesitate to buy the battery because the big flash light is very important to us. My husband did not expect that I bought the battery and I handed it to him. He was so happy that the big flash light is no longer a dead asset. At least, we were able to save some amount instead of buying a new kind of big flash light.

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