February 29, 2012

Two Birthday Cakes

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Last February 21, 2012 was the 20th birthday of Cecile Ann, my youngest daughter. Before her birthday, she asked her father if we prepare a little celebration on this special day. Her father told her, we will just buy a little cake. When her birthday comes, she did not expect of two cakes. Her father bought her a chocolate cake and one cake from goldilocks. We have a get together at dinner time as this is only the available schedule that we all are present in the house. Her brother was not around because he was still in Cebu City to take care of his patient.

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February 27, 2012

Clipix: My Food & Recipe Dashboard – Organizing Life Online

my clipix food and recipe dashboard
One of my favorite things to do online is to search about food and recipes, that would be easy for me to cook in my kitchen. It would help to get recipes that is fat free or weight conscious and that is a healthy type of food. It would also be a plus to just see the images in one click, and my solution to that is this new clipix dashboard I got. You can see the image of the recipes I compiled online above. I didn't regret signing up in Clipix as it really helped organized my life online and it is just for free. I had a good time researching the recipes I wanted to compile and clip them using the clipix button.

Have you tried clipix? I think you will enjoy using this too. Just simply search recipes or interesting articles for free online and clip it using the clip button that you have to install into your bookmarks toolbar. Doing it is super easy because you will just have to drag the button link to your bookmarks toolbar and once it appears there, keeping online recipes, articles or items in the web will be organized in your clipix dashboard and you'll just have to come back to it as the one main online source for all your online interests. If you just signed up, come back here and tell me your username so I can invite you to view my dashboard.

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Our Big Flash Light

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For how many months now, we have been using a small flash light at home when we go out at night to inspect our small poultry house outside. I asked my husband what happened to our big flash light he bought five years ago. It is a rechargeable flash light and it has a halogen bulb. He told me it has a problem on its battery. I suggested that we have to buy a new battery so that the big flash light can be used. When I went to the store, the battery cost P400.00. I did not hesitate to buy the battery because the big flash light is very important to us. My husband did not expect that I bought the battery and I handed it to him. He was so happy that the big flash light is no longer a dead asset. At least, we were able to save some amount instead of buying a new kind of big flash light.

February 24, 2012

Our Basilan Roaster

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Since we transfer to our new residence in 2003, we have not upgraded yet our native chickens. Presently, we have noticed that our native chickens becomes smaller and smaller in size. It is very frustrating on our part that we can only harvest a minimal number of kilos and we are spending higher cost on feeds. So, my husband decided to get a new breed of roaster that will help improve the quality of our native chickens. He was able to acquire from a friend a Basilan Roaster. They said, this roaster weighs 4 kilos within eight months. God willing, we hope that this roaster will be able to start a new breed of native chickens in our small poultry farm.

The Basilan Roaster

February 13, 2012

Kids Are Easy To Please

This is my toddler named, George Edward. His name is a combination of 3 fathers, George from my father's name and Edward from his Father's first and his Grand Father's (Husband side) second names. Also he is named after St. George and the dragon. My husband always boast his name is for dragon(evil) killer these days. He is so happy in this picture because he likes this toy. This is a Spin and Sing toy from Leapfrog and is supposed to be for his baby brother that was given by his God mother. He's a little brat to his younger brother  because he plays with baby Vincent's toys but he does not let his baby brother play with his toys. Oh well, Kids are kids.
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February 7, 2012

Praying For Fast Recovery Of The Recent Philippine Earthquake Victims

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Natural Disaster is an unpredictable circumstance in our world today. Just yesterday, I read lots of Facebook posts of my friends in Bohol and Negros, Oriental who are scared of the earthquake as it was occurring quite a few times in the afternoon and at night time. It must be terrible to experience it even just of imagining what they were saying. I felt nervous because it is near to the islands where my parents and my relatives lives. I sent a Facebook message to my cousin who was on and off online that day and I noticed that neither my mother nor my sister was not online. I began to panic. I called my husband upstairs and I told him about the Earthquake. He turned his computer right away and search the main news in the internet until we got to read more articles that my family would probably feel the Earthquake but not that strong. I felt a relief to know about it. And my sister confirmed in a message in Facebook that day that she and my family in Bohol is ok. And I felt sad to hear the news of my Aunt that my Grand Parent's house in Negros, Oriental was badly affected. She said the establishments were closed and the people can't buy or get food. My Grand Mother who is a Barangay Captain in their town is worried for her people who are starving. I am praying that help will get fast to their place. I told my husband about the news this morning and were planning to send them some help from our side. Please include the Earthquake victims yesterday in your prayers folks!

February 4, 2012

Missing the Snow

Today, I missed the snow because there is a Snow Flake Festival in our Local Audobon Center. Last year, we went there and we had thick snow. I skipped the sled riding with George where the snow dogs will give  the ride. They also have countryside skiing but I wasn't able to try it because I was pregnant. Now, that it would be a perfect time to do it, the opportunity seem to not like us to do it because there is no snow anywhere. I can't help myself but to be enthusiastic about it. I'll just have to be grateful that its been mild winter these days.

Here's a picture of me and a very white and snowy background the other week.

Simple yet effective way to increase Blessings

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As I was reading some inspirational thoughts for today, I came across this saying:

"One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase your blessings is gratitude. The more you notice the good in your life, the more you will find. Magnify your blessings with thankfulness and appreciation."

Of course, how could we forget being Grateful? Our daily lives are full of tasks, here and there, and because of being busy we tend to forget it. You even ask God for so many things and that when He give it to you, have you thank Him in return? It is not yet too late. You can even express or spare a minute or two to say "Thank you or any appreciation" that a person has helped you and even Him from Above who is the source of all blessings.

Thank you for supporting us guys for being readers in this blog! Have a great weekend everyone!

February 2, 2012

A Scenic View

I miss my parent's home in Philippines. Somehow, it brought tears to my eyes while I was in nostalgia looking at our old pictures in our computer's archive. This particular view takes my breath away. I remember now that I used to see this beautiful sunset from my room window (now my sibby's alone) in my Parent's house. Sharing this post to Wednesday Whites.

Wednesday Whites

February 1, 2012

General Info Part 3

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Why is the moon a silent world?

You can hear sounds under water. In fact, sound travels faster through water than through air. Sound can also travel through metal, such as steel. But no sound can travel across the airless surface of the moon. The astronauts who explored the moon talked to one another by radio. There were no other sounds, not even when they hit a rock with a hammer. It is impossible for sound to travel through the vacuum of outer space.