January 29, 2012

A Rare Thing

Last week after our fiesta, I visited my best friend at their house. She just came from a neighboring town where she was able to bring two kinds of herbal plants. It was her passion to collect and plant different kinds of herbal plants. Aside from these, she is also a lover of planting a lot of flowering plants on her little lot at the front of their house. She was enthusiastic to show to me her new herbal garden as well as her other plants. Then, she brought me to their passage area. She showed to me a rare thing on one of her plants. It was the the red variety of the anthurium plant. Try to see the picture below. The one that protruded at the center became two. It's a rare thing that happened. In a regular anthurium flower, the one that has erected at the center is only one.

The Rare Thing of the Anthurium.
The one that protruded at the center became two.

The Regular Anthurium


  1. Yes, that is strange! I have never seen that before.
    Thanks for your visit.

  2. That is quite unique! I had a daisy that bloom a twin flower in one stem too last year.