January 3, 2012

Our Harvested Ubi Rootcrop

Last December 2011, we harvested our ubi root crop. We were able to harvest a total of 57 kilos of our ubi plants. The biggest one weighed 7.5 kilos. This was planted near a moist area of our small farm. We only know that this crop will like watery soil. That is why it grows to its biggest size. The others weighed only 2 kilos and below. Last Christmas, I prepared an ubi jam out of it. I made 4.5 kilos of ubi jam. My two kids and my hubby enjoyed eating my ubi jam dessert for 3 and half days. Of course, I also like it. I use the unsalted anchor butter as one of its ingredients. It is very delicious. I said to my self, it really pays if we have our own grown ubi root crop.

Our Harvested Ubi Root Crop

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