January 29, 2012

A Rare Thing


Last week after our fiesta, I visited my best friend at their house. She just came from a neighboring town where she was able to bring two kinds of herbal plants. It was her passion to collect and plant different kinds of herbal plants. Aside from these, she is also a lover of planting a lot of flowering plants on her little lot at the front of their house. She was enthusiastic to show to me her new herbal garden as well as her other plants. Then, she brought me to their passage area. She showed to me a rare thing on one of her plants. It was the the red variety of the anthurium plant. Try to see the picture below. The one that protruded at the center became two. It's a rare thing that happened. In a regular anthurium flower, the one that has erected at the center is only one.

The Rare Thing of the Anthurium.
The one that protruded at the center became two.

The Regular Anthurium

January 17, 2012

General Information Part 2

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Why is the sky blue?

Light reaches the earth from the Sun. Sunlight looks white, but is actually a mixture of all the colors in the rainbow. When light rays from the Sun passes through the atmosphere, some are scattered by the tiny bits of dust and water in the air. Blue rays are scattered most and reach our eyes from all angles. We see more blue than any other color and this makes the sky look blue.

Why are sunsets red?

At sunset the Sun is low in the sky and farther away from us we look towards it. The light rays from the sun have to pass through more layers of air to reach our eyes. This extra air scatters out all the colors in the sunlight except red. Only the red rays come straight to our eyes and so we see a red sunset.

January 15, 2012

The Bantam Chickens

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I was so happy to see our bantam chickens which were raised by the son of the owner where my husband worked. We gave him one pair of bantam chickens to raise in their house. He liked to own this kind of birds because they are unique. My bantam chickens were so lucky because they were treated as special. They were given the best feeds to eat with the corresponding immunization. They were tamed by the owner so I was able to take a picture of them. In the picture below, I was the one putting them so they can pose well. If only I can kiss them but I am only limited to give them my tender touch.

The Bantam Chickens

January 14, 2012

General Information Part 1

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What causes earthquakes and volcanoes?

Earthquakes and volcanoes often seem to occur together. They happen most often in parts of the earth where two of the plates making up the crust meet. Rocks are either pushed up to form mountains or ridges or sink down into the earth's mantle to create trenches. This movement makes the Earth's surface unstable, and earthquakes and volcanoes are likely to occur. Scientists can tell where earthquakes and volcanoes are likely to happen, BUT THEY CANNOT PREDICT EXACTLY WHEN.

January 12, 2012

Questions Answers

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1. A banana is a type of berry: true or false ? True

2. Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility? The Moon

3. What astronomer discovered Uranus ? William Herschel

4. What does Vitamin D help keep strong and healthy? Bones and Teeth

5. The word "Algebra" comes from what language? Arabic

6. What purpose does cartilage serve? It cushions bones

7. The ancient measurement of the cubit was the length
between which parts of the body? Elbow and Fingertips

8. What does a Geiger counter measure? Radioactivity

9. The word "alluvial" refers to what? Soil deposited by water

10. Albert Sabin developed an oral (taken through the
mouth) vaccine for which disease? Polio

11. What was the name of the first spacecraft to land on
the moon? The Eagle

12. What part of the body is affected by otitis? The Ear

13. How many stars are estimated to be in the Milky Way:
20 billion, 200 million or 200 billion? 200 billion

14. At which temperature are Fahrenheit and Celsius the same? -40 degrees

15. A gerontologist is a specialist in which area? The study of the elderly

January 10, 2012

Bedsore Prevention Tips

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Bedsores are skin ulcers that develop in people who are bed ridden or cannot move by themselves. Areas on the skin that are under constant pressure first become red and painful, then, purple, until open sores finally break out. Since bed sores heal very slowly special care must be taken to prevent further sores from developing.

Prevention tips:
- Keep the skin clean and dry.
- Smooth out bedsheets and tuck them tightly, leaving no creases.
- Change the patient's position every two hours.
- Support bony prominences with air or water-filled cushions.
- Massage the pressure areas with lanolin at least once a day to improve blood circulation.

January 9, 2012


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"In whichever boat one finds oneself, one must row."

"There is no price for good advice."

"Poverty is not a sin, it is something worse."

"It takes a heap of licks to drive a nail in the dark."

"It is not fit that whilst good luck is knocking at our door we shut it; let us therefore sail with the prosperous wind."

"To know the road ahead ask those coming back."

" The chain is no stronger than its weakest link."

"Money is in the eyes of many but in the hands of few."

"The world is a fine book but of little use to him who knows not how to read."

"Follow the tracks of the fortunate man and you will come to fortune."

"There is a highway for the production of wealth."

January 5, 2012

Faith in God

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To know God and to have faith in God are two different things, especially when we treat that word "faith" so lightly. The word "faith" denotes a variety of degrees that range from "luke warm" to intense belief.

"The master-key to success, in every realm of human life, is Faith." "Faith has inspired every truly great career that has blessed the world. Faith has made possible every great Institution that has enriched the life of humanity."

"It is Faith that lifts man above the level of the brute; and makes him master over the physical world."

"Faith is to believe on the word of God, what we do not see, and its reward is to see and enjoy what we believe," said Saint Augustine.

January 3, 2012

Our Harvested Ubi Rootcrop

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Last December 2011, we harvested our ubi root crop. We were able to harvest a total of 57 kilos of our ubi plants. The biggest one weighed 7.5 kilos. This was planted near a moist area of our small farm. We only know that this crop will like watery soil. That is why it grows to its biggest size. The others weighed only 2 kilos and below. Last Christmas, I prepared an ubi jam out of it. I made 4.5 kilos of ubi jam. My two kids and my hubby enjoyed eating my ubi jam dessert for 3 and half days. Of course, I also like it. I use the unsalted anchor butter as one of its ingredients. It is very delicious. I said to my self, it really pays if we have our own grown ubi root crop.

Our Harvested Ubi Root Crop

January 2, 2012

Going the Extra Mile

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"There is no slope above without a slope below." (Everything has its compensations)

"If you like accepting, start by giving."

"Everyman shall receive his own reward according to his own labor."

"If a little money does not go out; Great money will not come in."

"The thorns which I have reap'd are of the tree I planted: They have torn me. And I bleed. I should have known what fruit would spring from such seed."

"During a long life I have proved that not one kind word ever spoken, not one kind deed ever done, but sooner or later returns to bless the giver and becomes a chain, binding men with golden bands to the throne of God."

Think Upward

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No lukewarm energy or indifferent ambition ever accomplished anything. There must be vigor in our expectation, in our faith, in our determination, in our endeavor. We must resolve with the energy that does things.

Not only must the desire for the thing we long for be kept uppermost, but there must be strongly concentrated intensity of effort to attain our object.

As it is fierceness of the heat that melts the iron ore and makes it possible to weld it or mold it into shape; as it is the intensity of the electrical force that dissolves the diamond-- the hardest known substance; so it is the concentrated aim, the invincible purpose, what wins success. Nothing was ever accomplished by a half-hearted desire.

Many people make a very poor showing in life, because there is no vim, no vigor in their efforts. Their resolutions are spineless; there is no backbone in their endeavor--no grit in their ambition.

One must have that determination which never looks back and which knows no defeat; that resolution which burns all bridges behind it and is willing to risk everything upon the effort.