April 30, 2011

The Law of Success Part 28

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Enthusiasm is the vital quality that arouses you to action, while self control is the balance wheel that directs your action so that it will build up and not tear down. It is a fact that the majority of a man's griefs come about through lack of self control. The holy scriptures are full of admonitions in support of self control. They even urge us to love our enemies and to forgive those who injure us. Study the records of those whom the world calls great, and observe that every one of them possesses this quality of self-control!

birdsHundreds of birds taking their shelter
on top of the branches ready for the night time

April 29, 2011

Examination of Conscience

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The Image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sins against the Holy Ghost
Presumption of God's Mercy
Impugning the known truth
Envy at another's spiritual good
Obstinacy in sin
Final Impenitence

Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance
Willful Murder
The sin of Sodom
Oppression of the poor
Defrauding laborers of their wages

Nine Ways of Being Accessory to Another's Sin
By Counsel
By Command
By Consent
By Provocation
By Praise or Flattery
By Concealment
By Partaking
By Silence
By Defense of the ill done

The Seven Deadly Sins

April 28, 2011

Awesome Health Benefits of Coconut Water

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Since I live in a place where lot of coconut trees grow, I always like to drink the coconut water and eat the young coconut meat. I only knew that the coconut water is good for the kidneys nothing else. Until I read an article that the coconut water has an awesome health benefits. It says that coconut water possess anti-aging properties, fight cancer, helps balance blood sugar, reduces risk of heart disease, aids in kidney functions and dissolves kidney stones and wards off other diseases as well as it enhances our immunity system.

Further, the same article also said that coconut water contains antioxidants as well as magnesium, potassium and other minerals and enzymes which may un-denature or relax the lens proteins, allowing them to realign and become transparent again.

Dwarf Coconut Tree that grows 8 meters away
from our Masters Bedroom.

April 27, 2011

The Law of Success Part 27

The worst enemy that any man has is the one that walks around under his own hat. If you could see yourself as others see you the enemies that you harbor in your own personality might be discovered and thrown out. There are seven enemies which are most commonest which ride millions of men and women to failure without being discovered. Weigh yourself carefully. You will be fortunate if you discover this enemy and protect yourself against it. These are as follows: INTOLERANCE, REVENGE, GREED, EGOTISM, SUSPICION, JEALOUSY and DISHONESTY.

geeseOur three geese and their 2 goslings having their breakfast in our backyard.

The Law of Success Part 26

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Success attracts success. There is no escape from this great universal law; therefore, if you wish to attract success make sure that you look the part of success, whether your calling is that of day laborer or merchant prince.

Your employer does not control the sort of service you render, you control that, and it is the thing that makes or breaks you.

If a man goes about the affairs of life in the same day-in and day-out, prosaic, lackadaisical spirit, devoid of enthusiasm, he is doomed to failure. Nothing can save him until he changes his attitude and learns how to stimulate his mind and body to unusual heights of enthusiasm AT WILL.

April 26, 2011

The Law of Success Part 25

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All anyone really requires, as a capital on which to start a successful career, is a sound mind, a healthy body and a genuine desire to be of as much service as possible to as many people as possible.

There is a suitable reward for every virtue and appropriate punishment for every sin a man commits. Both reward and the punishment are effects over which no man has control, as they come upon him voluntarily.

Successful people have discovered ways and means which they believe best suited to their own needs to produce stimuli which cause them to rise to heights of endeavor above the ordinary.

One of the most successful writers in the world employs an orchestra of beautifully dressed young women who play for him while he writes. Seated in a room that has been artistically decorated to suit his own taste, under lights that have been colored, tinted and softened, these beautiful young ladies, dressed in handsome evening gowns, play his favorite music. This author gets much of his inspiration from music and art.

Shopping online for cool spring and summer outfits and accessories

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I have been stalking a lot in online stores lately as I am looking for trendy and cool outfits for this Spring and Summer. Most of my clothing does not fit me anymore as I am getting bigger in size while pregnant. So now, I will be putting aside most of my small clothing in the dresser as I bought new clothing of bigger sizes.

I thought these dresses are interesting to share here with my friends. These are just only a few of what I am eyeing on as they have bigger sizes but they also have small sizes too. I wonder which one will look good on me after my childbirth this summer. I like dresses the most as they are comfortable and I am used to wear them. I like to wear blouses that are thin especially that its getting warmer these days. I also like to wear skirts too.

I found these trixxi dresses in become.com and I think one of them will fit me as a dress for my second baby's baptism occassion. The leather backpack purse below would be useful for my husband as he needs a new bag. And the cute sandals below is one of their gianni bini shoes selection where its just what I need for my feet as it would be a nice flat shoe wear for pregnant women like me.

And last but not the least, I fell in love with this skirt and these two blouses. Its designs are just unique and has a taste of being classic. I just loved this. So much so, I am still waiting for their online sale days. I love buying online if I find things on sale or in good discounts.

How about you, have you been busy shopping for trendy spring and summer apparels lately?

April 25, 2011

Beautiful Things that Happened

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Supposedly, I should have posted this blog last March 2011, the time when my son graduated from college with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. His college education was being supported by my eldest daughter and her family in the U.S.A. In his third year, we had experience financial problems to support him. Thanks to God, we were able to surpass all the difficulties. I always prayed, God will always provide all that we need. My mother-in-law and brother -in-law helped us especially during his psychiatric nursing in Cebu City, Philippines. My son successfully finished his course. Beautiful things will happen in our life if we believe we can and never lost hope in our hearts. Presently, my son is having a review for the Nursing Board Exam this coming July 2- 3, 2011. We always pray he will pass the nursing licensure examination.

GraduationJohn Anthony Borja-Faburada

April 24, 2011

Where in the World?

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It was more than two years now that I have attended the Extra Ordinary Form of the Mass or the Tridentine Mass of the Roman Catholic Church. This Mass is said in Latin language. In our place, it has no scheduled time in any of the parishes in our diocese. So, we have to request from the Bishop in the Diocese of Tagbilaran to provide us a priest to celebrate it for us. As soon as a priest is being designated, he will inform us of the scheduled time and place of the Tridentine Mass. Since this is a requested Mass, our group will be the one to give for the stipend of the priest. What we did is to look for sponsors so we can generate the amount needed. One day, I visited one of the sponsors which was my former Home Economics Teacher, 47 years ago. Upon entering her house, I enjoyed looking at the various pictures that were hanged on the wall. Until my eyes catch the attention on one of the frames. I went closer to the frame until I recognized that it was an umbilical cord. I read the labels on it. It was the preserved umbilical cord of his son who is now a priest and her daughter, a licensed registered nurse in the Philippines. When I talked to her, I told her, how nice of you that you were able to preserved these. Then I told her, Where In the World you can find this very rare treasure. I further asked her, how come you were able to get the umbilical cord. She told me that during her time, she can request her ob gyne to hand over to her the umbilical cord of her new born child. One of her friend told her to keep the two umbilical cords closer so that her children will be close to each other and not quarrelsome to each other .Then she preserved it and kept it in her overnight bag. Until one day, she happened to open her overnight bag and she was surprised that the umbilical cords were still there. She told her son, the priest that their umbilical cords are still intact. The priest was amazed to see his umbilical cord as well as of her sister. The he came to the idea of having it placed on a frame. My former teacher is very much proud of her son's idea. If only I have seen this frame when I was still single, I should have imitated my teacher and my friend.

baby remembranceUmbilical Cords inside the frame

Easter Sunday Bonding

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We attended the Holy Mass for Easter Sunday which started at 10 pm and ended at 2 am on Easter Sunday. The Holy Mass lasted for 3 hours as there were a lot of scripture readings. There was also Baptism within the Holy Mass for around 50 candidates including infants. The last 1 hour was scheduled for the so called "Sugat". This is the term for the meeting of the image of the Blessed Mother and the image of Christ resurrection. There were 36 young girls ages between 7 to 12 who acted as angels. They sung religious songs for our Lord Jesus Christ Resurrection.

After the activity, we arrived home at around 2:15 am. I never knew that my young brother has a plan to go to the beach. He arrived in our house at 6 am. I was still very sleepy when he invited me and my kids to have a beach celebration for Easter Sunday. I was hesitant because I was not prepared especially for the food. Anyhow, my two kids were very much interested so I accepted the invitation. To my surprise, I never expected that he invited our brother and his wife, a seaman, with ischemic stroke My younger sister and her family was also present. The only person missing was my husband, George.

From being passive, I feel very excited because for 25 years we have this family bonding on Easter Sunday. What a gift from God. The beach we were in was just a simple beach for common people like us. It was a public beach located in Maribojoc,Bohol,Philippines , 3 kilometers from our house. There were no entrance fee. What I like in the place are the two big Talisay Trees which cools the place. It is overlooking the Tagbilaran City wharf and the mountains of Maribojoc. The seawaters are clear as the seabed is matted with small circular stones which are not harmful to our feet. We took the pictures below for our remembrance.

With green T-shirt is my daughter, CecileAnn together with her cousins.
Picture taken on top of a stone
Left to Right- Cecile Ann, Jojie, Clarisse, Badiday, Mae and Dalila. At the back is my son-John Anthony. Sitting are: Denden and Clint Joseph

Left to Right - Me (Marina), Dodong Godofredo, my brother with Ischemic Stroke, Dalila his wife, Badiday wife of Crisologo, next to Badiday is Crisologo, my younger brother, Jojit, husband of my younger sister and then Mary Hazel, my younger sister.


April 23, 2011

Special Quotes

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True Happiness - doesn't depend on possession or position. It comes from the quality of relationships with the people we love and respect. And these creative meaningful relationships build lasting memories.

PEACE is not the silence of guns, the end of war. PEACE can only come when justice has been done. PEACE is when a nations wealth brings an equal chance to all. By: Fr. Shay Cullen

The greatest inheritance we can bequeath to our children is KNOWLEDGE, an imperishable wealth, a possession which can never be stolen. By: Jose Catindig

April 18, 2011

Inspiring Religious icons

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Here are another batch of my pictures of the beautiful and religious icons in Saint Michael's Catholic and Greek Byzantine church.
 A mosaic art icon of our Lord Jesus Christ.
A golden yellow crucifix.
 The altar gate.
 A bone styled crucifix and Greek icon of Jesus.
And me, taking these pictures after the mass. This is a beautiful catholic church. Sad to say only 10 to 15 people attend this kind of liturgy. For me, its heaven to have witnessed this kind of mass.

Inspired by our local artist - - - part 2

In case you guys wanted to see some Victorian settings and my other posts about going to the local artisan show, you can visit my posts here and here. Anyhow, here are another interesting items I found in the local artisan show:
 Aren't those bottles fascinating? I asked the artisan how he did this and he said he had a machine that would melt glass bottles.
 Very unique art. I haven't seen one like this.
 Some jewelry collection/
 Most were made of precious gemstones and white gold and sterling silver.
 Another jeweler booth. They sell cord jewelry which is practical and affordable materials used.
 An interesting antique plate. I thought I could buy it but it was around $50 dollars.
This is me and the item I bought as a souvenir was inside the bag. You can check it out to my other blue Monday post today here.

I love going to art shows as it will inspire me to do some art stuff too. Hope you enjoyed my pictures guys.

April 16, 2011

Remembering Mama Contest


Recently, I am attracted by the idea that Lo Sigrid, a fellow Filipina mom blogger, who posted her blog contest page in Pinay Mommies Community Facebook wall. She is inviting bloggers of any ethnicity, to make at least a short tribute note to our Moms in celebration of Mother's day this coming May 8th, 2011. I am touched of her simple yet great idea so I can also write a sincere tribute to my Mom. It has been so long I have not seen my Mama's face for like 3 years now. I miss how she treat my siblings and I as little children although we are grown ups. Sometimes it annoys us but we understand that that is how she wants to get our attention. Though I may be many many miles away, we call each other at least once or twice a month now because we are tight in money. And also, in this simple note, I want her to know that I still have her, here in my heart.

This is me and my "Mama" in Alona Beach resort in Bohol, way back in July 2007. Hubby took a picture of us. "Mama" is how my siblings and I, and also my husband, address to her as our mother. She is the oldest out of the four children in her family. I admire her a lot because she has full of vigor during her teens and adolescence. She tells us her stories during her youthful days that she has been a good leader in their SK. She has traveled to some different regions for being sponsored, and garnered lots of medals and ribbons as she maintained good grades from Elementary to High school, and was also recognized as Magna Cumlaude in her College days. Unfortunately, her family cant afford for her board exams so she studied another college program that led her to get a good stable income by being a government employee. She was the bread winner in our family. She was able to let my siblings and I study in a prestigious private and Catholic school in Bohol. We wished to be like her, to receive medals and gain some school recognition, but unfortunately, none of us did. What is more amazing is that she did not let us down in spite of that. She is always there for us during our ups and downs, letting us know that she is always praying for us and giving us positive outlook of life through her deep and religious faith about God. Some people say, I am my Mom's duplicate. How I wish I am, but she did more accomplishments than I do.

She had an early retirement and has been unemployed six years now. We witnessed her downs as she gets older. We just tried to lift her feelings up when she feel lonely. She really wished she could have another job so I could finish college, but God has different plans for me as we see it. She gave me spiritual support to whatever God has plans for me. We go to the chapel, pray novenas together and visiting many churches.Until one day, my husband came, well, its another long story. She does not want me to get married at an early age but as she saw my husband and I in our developing relationship, she gave me my own freedom and blessing to get married after I know my husband for two years. We also had our fights, oh I do not want to let her feel down in those days because of me. But later on, we ask each others forgiveness and we talked and thank God for the Holy Spirit that heals our broken hearts during those moments. My husband and I helped my brother to finish college. And the only one left now is for our younger sister to finish college. My Mama and I talked about blogging a few days ago and she sounds very interested of having a domain blog of her own so she could also earn online and help my younger sister to finish college. I am hoping that their computer gets fixed soon in their house so she could start another blog of her own. She has started blogging with me in this "Seasons and Seasonings" blog since last year, and you can see her book reviews, inspirational stories, quote findings and other writings at the categories widget of this blog. So for now, this blog has been one of our strong connections of being online together. To my Mama, "I will always look up to you as my Mama. My family and I loves you and we missed you so much!"

Contest Started by Dindin’s Mama.

April 15, 2011

Finding your true self

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Today, I am scanning my free email subscription from Ruth Seebeck, our local christian life coach. I am reflecting of what she said about how to find your authentic self. She said there are three ways: the process of constant change and improvement, influenced by your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

There are lots of people that influenced my life. My parents, friends and other inspiring people known in the world that I try to examine myself from their lives and success. I realized that I should not force myself to be like them because each one of us is unique. I may have some of their traits but there is always a different me that I can call my real self. I can hear and receive positive and negative remarks from them about me, but then I realize that its not the end of the world about it for me. I have to choose to believe on my inner self than what other people say about me. They can be my inspiration and I can be the person that I want to be. It is important to change also, for the better, not for worse.

April 11, 2011

GM 1: George, the green shrub and an interesting green plastic plant

I just took this picture of my son when he got fascinated touching and looking at this green indoor shrub inside a church we visited. I do not know what it is but it sure is nice to have one of those someday when our house is roomy. I wonder how they kept those alive indoors during winter time because the leaves are so dark green. It made me think that it is really good to have live plants indoors because they can purify the air too.
And here is also an interesting plastic plant. I almost got tempted to buy this one at the local artisan show last Saturday.

Our first entry for:

April 6, 2011

CC: When we are getting ready

Boy it has been so long I haven't joined Couples corner meme by Mam Liz. It was a tough winter for me, just last October, I got a positive result in my pregnancy test and in those months of the first trimester, I kept on throwing up, feeling fatigue and spending a little time in my blogging. I was hoping my Mama could keep up in this blog but she has computer problems too. Anyhow, I hope you will still accept me.

As for the theme, I am enthusiastic if we have plans going grocery, or just go for a walk in the mall, parks or just outside the house. My husband and I need more walking because we need to lose weight. He is being teased by his friends that I am feeding him too much rice. lol. And me, whenever I am at home, I sleep, play with George and then we sleep together in the afternoon, cook for our dinner, clean a little, do a little laundry, well, you notice I do a little because I just take it easy as I am pregnant. Ha, what an excuse. My husband gets upset sometimes because I spend lots of my time in the computer, but I try to make it up to him in the next time I am not busy in the computer. I do not want to let him feel unwanted and I keep on explaining things to him. It takes him a while to understand but he support my ideas anyhow.

Missing my nursing days

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I will share one of my treasured memories in the past of being a nursing student. Those were the days that I am always exhausted from my school and hospital duties. Our clinical instructors were very strict when it comes to nursing uniforms. At school, we dress up in white blouse and skirt, and the skirt has to be two inches below the knee, neutral skin toned stocking and black school shoes with one or two inches high. At hospital duty, we dress up in a different white uniform with white stockings and white nursing shoes. We also have different uniforms when we will have our duties in the delivery room and operating room and we call those as our nursing scrubs. Boy, those were the expensive days because we have many different kinds of uniforms.

I wish we know where to buy cheap scrubs in those times but our department has to order all our uniforms in one Seamstress. They just want that all the material or cloth of our uniforms has to have uniform whiteness and texture in them. Somehow, whenever I go to hospitals here in America, I am inspired or shall we say nostalgic whenever I see nurses here wear colorful nursing uniforms compared to what I have experienced in Philippines. I even found beautiful selections at Blue Sky scrubs. So much so, here is a picture of me with the group I belong to during our night shift in the Operating room in Ramiro Hospital. You can see our white nursing scrub suits with the top and pants. The moment of this picture was that when we are doing our "After care" where it is a routine for us nursing students to clean and mop the operating room floors and its hallway before going home. I am the one standing on the very right where the blue with black dotted arrow is pointing at.

Inspired by our local artists

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I will show another batch of photos I got a few days ago when my husband and I visited an art shop in our local vicinity. Our fellow members in Warren Art League has displayed their art stuff there and I got a chance to know that there are local artisans here too. It was a beautiful shop and its called Ring around Rosy. Somehow, I wish I made my art crafts too so I can sell them there. Anyhow, the parade of gorgeous arts made me and my husband inspired to do more art stuff together. I really really hope I can get back into making Ukrainian Easter eggs.
 That is my husband holding George. We were at the basement of the said shop. They also collect beautiful antiques there.
Aren't those jewelries and stained glass works gorgeous? They are handmade by our local artists too.

Spring time means cleaning time

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Yep, it is that time of the year again. My schedule is going to be much more busier in my household this month for Spring is here, and it is the perfect time to have general cleaning. It has been a rough winter last year, lots of below zero temperature days and I could not open the windows nor clean as much as I could. I kept on throwing up because of the mixed odor inside our house, this odor carries mixture of dust in the air because we are using dry heat to warm our house. Its presence was still inside our house even though I used a fragrance spray called Febreeze and I am afraid to mess up with the dust in our vents because our windows has to be closed. But now, I am happy because there are warmer days during the Spring and I can open all the windows in our house. The vinyl tiles in our bathroom upstairs need to be cleaned or maybe replaced because they are peeling out from the wooden floor and getting old and ugly. All the floors of our house, except the bathrooms, are carpeted and they need to be refreshed and shampooed for it has been three years now that we have not apply carpet shampoo and the vacuum cleaner does not take out the stain nor the odor in our carpet.

I wish we could just hire cleaning professionals for cleaning and shampooing our carpet like the shampoo carpet cleaners austin, or for fixing our old and ugly vinyl tiles in our bathroom upstairs such as vinyl tile cleaning austin, or for removing all the dust in the air inside our house like the home air duct cleaning austin does. Somehow, I wish they were from Pennsylvania because I heard online that they are the best steam team in Austin, Texas. I wish I have more money to just pay a professional, but for now, I will clean up the easy ones first and call a professional if the job is too hard for us.

Do not underestimate your thoughts

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Sometimes, because of being so busy in life, it is so hard to pay attention with your thoughts. My husband said, a woman's mind is like the computer pop up windows but men does not think that way. We are too different. I was struck by what he has said. I think its true for me too because I am used to multi tasking but some of my tasks remain undone. Until one day, though this writing has been staying long time in the towel hanger in our bathroom upstairs, it hammered my own reflection to what has my husband said and the saying goes like this "A Man works from sun to sun...Womans work is never done". I laughed. And because of that thought, that clever thought, it made me felt stronger that I have to get things done. It gave me a challenge. How about you, do you take a moment of your day to ponder on your thoughts?

April 3, 2011

Believe, and all things will be possible

I received this email every month from Ruth Seebeck. She is a local life specialist where you can run to her to be coached professionally in life when you seem having trouble how to manage it. I have been writing what are my realizations from her inspirational thoughts of life in this blog long time ago and now its time for me to get back on that. Sorry guys for neglecting this blog. Its just that I hope to find information that really interest me and that I can share it to you.

"The process is simple. Consistency is the key.
To change what you believe requires you
to think and speak differently –
to focus on your desired result,
not the current situation."

I was struck by the quote she quoted above. We all know that we believe in one thing in life that keeps us going. But sometimes, due to unexpected trials, we feel trampled down. We should not indulge ourselves to the information that the media  gave us. We should not live life according to what the media says to us. If we move to a much more infinite good for our mind to settle and believe on like leaving it all in God's hands, we sure have something to hope for rather than believing all things to be a disaster in end. If we are consistent to what we believe on, it has a power of its own to lead us either towards goodness or bad. Which direction do you want to choose?