December 11, 2011

My Visit to Our Parent's House

After I attended the Holy Mass at our main parish, I felt hungry. Supposedly, I want to go home immediately but I changed my mind. Instead, I went to the house of my parents. It has been a month already since my last visit. The one occupying the said house were the family of my youngest brother. Every time I visited our parent's house, I always want to recollect all the memories of the said place. Upon entering the house, my sister-in-law welcomed me and she went at once to their kitchen to get some food for me. She automatically did this as she know already of what I need every time I visited them. After I ate my breakfast, I ask permission to leave at once because I have many household chores to do at home. Thanks God that I did not wait long and I was able to ride a jitney at once. On my way home, I really enjoyed watching the different colored stars which were hanged along the national highway. It was very colorful. These were the ideas of our village officials as part of our Christmas celebration in our village. Below are some of the picture of the stars which I took using the camera of my cellphone.

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