November 12, 2011

" Surprising Medal of Honor "

Way back high school, one of the most unforgettable moments in my entire life is my graduation day. Despite of all the crisis that had happen in our family, I never thought that I reached that far. During my student years, I am very much focus especially in my studies. My greatest inspiration that time is my family. I studied hard and persevere much. I woke up early in the morning to study, pass all the assignments and projects promptly and follow all the teachers and my parents command with respect and right manners. And from that strivings, I reached my goal to have a lowest grade of 86 and a highest grade of 92. I was really very happy that moment that I did it to the very best. My teachers that time told me to apply for Honors during the graduation. I did not apply because I thought of myself that I am just an average student that time. I even compare myself to the other achievers that are very high ranking to me so the decision is final and that I did not apply. And then the graduation day comes, it was a happy moment to me because I graduated at last in high school through the efforts of my parents and myself. At first I was sad because one of my goals is to bring my parents on top of the stage and show to the world my efforts. How I wish I'll bring them up in stage and make them proud and please. And then the surprise awards came. The people are tensed of who will get the awards surprisingly. Number 1 award is the St. Arnold Janssen award. This award is awarded to the student who has the attributes of St. Arnold Janssen who works hard in school. Surprisingly it was awarded to me. I heard my name and I did'nt expect it. I dont know what to do that time. So I stood up and walk beside the stage waiting with my parents and together we walk on the stage and then they assist in the wearing of the medal to me and then take picture, seeing the crowd very happy. I feel very much happy that time that at last, I did brought my parents on top of the stage making them proud and pleased. We were so very happy that time I cant almost move my legs to walk downstairs. The laid my medal in honor of my family especially to my parents and to God together with St. Arnold Janssen. That moment makes me very strong and thankful to God and to St. Arnold Janssen to the blessings and fortunes they gave to me that I realized and reached my dreams and my goals. And that time also I gain much confidence that I will believe in myself that I have the strength and perseverance to reach my goal. I failed many times but I stood up every end and start a new beginning in my life. Just believe in yourself and to God, do your best and God will do the rest.

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  1. Nice John. Keep up the good work and Pray always.