November 28, 2011

Life at Home..

Long months have passed since I graduated and become a professional, life at home is very comfortable and great. I can view myself here as a houseboy like a usual helper at home. I did cooking, housekeeping, feeding the animals, cleaning, and etc. all the works at home. Before I was lazy to do this things because my life was purely in school and now I began to love them. Almost everyday I do all this procedures and its becoming very basic to me. Although not paid like the usual helpers, still I am a member of the family and I did my job. I think of purely giving my time, my strength, my mind and my soul in doing the chores at home. Thinking also for the benefit for my family and for my self I did all things right away with no resistance. The secret is to just focus. Focus is my main coarse that's why I believe with the Lord at my heart I can make things possible. And for now, waiting for employment, I am very much focus at home. But I believe that when the time comes that someday hopefully that I will be employed, I can be ready to face another challenge because I did train already myself at our home. Its good to practice what you want at home so that in the future you can use it in the community like in the job you are for. That is why life at home is great and comfortable. Great things will happen to you and you will become comfortable on it.

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  1. you know what? i experienced both, getting employed and staying at home and nothing beats being at home with your children. and now that i've been working again, i really wish i could stay home, lol!

    a visit from kimmy!