November 15, 2011

How I got this far..

This diploma pictures out how I reach this far. After graduating in high school I took many entrance test for engineering, seminarist, nursing and I forgot the others. Nursing was not the first option that I chose because mainly I love numbers so I go for courses that deals with numbers. But my decision was interrupted from my fathers choice. My father wants the three of us to take up nursing. I was thinking before my grade in anatomy and biology that is very low, the lowest grade I got so far in high school. And I dont like also memorizing the all the body parts from the smallest to the biggest. My interest is very very low when I deal with this topics. Despite of that, I have no comments with my fathers decision. I do not know my feeling that time it was unexplainable so I took up the last entrance test of nursing in Holy Name University. Luckily I passed and then got enrolled and enter the life of nursing. It was very hard to adjust at the first time but as time goes by I began to enjoy the field. I was thinking that I could not survive in the next years because every level comes very difficult. And also some unfortunate things happened to my family that time. A lot of crisis I faced at home and in school. And then there was a time that one of us will stop schooling because of financial crisis. I volunteered myself but my parents decided that I will continue because I was near to the end. I was very sad that time knowing that my sister will halt for schooling. I faced a lot of problems, difficulties and hardships wherever i go whether in school or at home. Despite of the trials, I focused myself on my studies and finish this at once. I prayed always to God for guidance and blessings for the total effort of my family to become a successful nurse. I thanked also to their greatest support especially my parents, my sisters and all my beloved persons who made me reach this far. And not knowing the time comes that I graduated and got the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It was a memorable moment for me because I had gone many hardships before and now the time came to hold the fruitful result of my perseverance in schooling. I did the very best of my I can that time so whatever is the result whether fail or success, I did strive for more. With also the help of God for He has known everything of my life. Nothing is impossible with God if you only believe in your self and to the Lord that you can make it, together we can make it.

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