November 8, 2011

Housekeeping: Tips in preparing Home before Winter

We are supposed to have a couple more weeks of good weather called "Indian Summer" during Fall season here in upper USA. For us this season means we have to get use of it for preparing winter proofing. As for our house, I wrote down what problems we encountered in last year's winter and formulated a list for ourselves on what to do this year to prevent that problem to come back. These tips can serve as a list to check to others as well.

First thing to check is to see how well your furnace is heating. If you set your thermostat to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and you still feel cold, then there is a problem. If you have a hot water based heating system, check your pipes under the furnace covers. These covers usually accumulate dirt and dust during Summer because of the heat and moisture in the air. Get a good vacuum cleaner and vacuum the dirt and dust surrounding the pipes so the heat in your house will circulate well.

Second thing to check is to clean your carpets. If you are busy or just doesn't feel up to cleaning your carpets, consider calling your local company like the top rated carpet cleaning companies austin, where they can offer professional job in cleaning carpets for you.

Third thing to check is to insulate your pipes under your kitchen or bathroom sink, and the pipes at the back of your shower. Make sure they are wrapped with either fiber-glass or tube sleeved insulation. When pipes are not insulated properly, there's a possibility that cold frosty days in winter can damage your pipes and you will suffer no water for days. 

Fourth thing to check is to check your bathroom tiles. Vinyl tiles doesn't last long especially when they are the thin quality and they tend to peel up and might hurt someone's foot. Consider checking out other tips like the tile cleaning tips austin, for do it yourself tile cleaning and installing to save money. Or if you are in time constraint, call your friends to help you or even your local company.

Fifth thing to check is to check the odor indoors when all windows and doors are properly insulated and closed. If you have pets, you might have odor problems inside your house and consider a company like stain and odor removal austin, where they can freshen up the smell in your house. You might want to have a clean and fresh atmosphere all winter long as you stay indoors.

There may be lots more of things to check before winter comes and make sure to organize your time so you will get this things done before the busy season sets in.

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