November 28, 2011

Life at Home..

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Long months have passed since I graduated and become a professional, life at home is very comfortable and great. I can view myself here as a houseboy like a usual helper at home. I did cooking, housekeeping, feeding the animals, cleaning, and etc. all the works at home. Before I was lazy to do this things because my life was purely in school and now I began to love them. Almost everyday I do all this procedures and its becoming very basic to me. Although not paid like the usual helpers, still I am a member of the family and I did my job. I think of purely giving my time, my strength, my mind and my soul in doing the chores at home. Thinking also for the benefit for my family and for my self I did all things right away with no resistance. The secret is to just focus. Focus is my main coarse that's why I believe with the Lord at my heart I can make things possible. And for now, waiting for employment, I am very much focus at home. But I believe that when the time comes that someday hopefully that I will be employed, I can be ready to face another challenge because I did train already myself at our home. Its good to practice what you want at home so that in the future you can use it in the community like in the job you are for. That is why life at home is great and comfortable. Great things will happen to you and you will become comfortable on it.

November 27, 2011

Readings of "The Human Brain"

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The adult brain's unimpressive appearance gives few hints of its remarkable abilities. It is about two good fistfuls of pinkish gray tissue, wrinkled like a walnut, and with texture of cold oatmeal. It weighs a little over three pounds. Because the brain is the largest and most complex mass of nervous tissue in the body, it is commonly discussed in terms of its four major regions - cerebral hemispheres, diencephalon, brain stem and cerebellum. The cerebral hemispheres - left and right hemisphere are the most superior part of the brain. Speech, memory, logical and emotional response, as well as consciousness, interpretation of sensation and voluntary movement and many of the functional areas of the cerebral hemispheres have been identified. The cerebral hemispheres are divided into lobes that corresponds with their functions. The Frontal lobe for voluntary movement of our skeletal muscles, the occipital lobe for visualization, the temporal lobe for hearing and parietal lobe for somatic sensory area that allows us to feel pain, coldness or a light touch. A specialized area that is involved in our ability to speak is the Broca's area and the ability to understand is the Wernicke's area. Damage to this area will result to inability to speak and understand words. The diencephalon is the interbrain that sits atop the brain stem. It contains the thalamus, the relay station for sensory impulses and the hypothalamus that plays the role in the regulation of body temperature, water balance, metabolism. It is also the thirst center, the one that signals that we thirst for water. The brain stem is about the size of a thumb in diameter and approximately three inches long. It has the three structures the midbrain, pons, and the medulla oblangata. The medulla oblongata is the most important of the three because it is the center that controls heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, swallowing, vomiting and others. And the last the cerebellum which provides the precise timing for skeletal muscle activity and controls our balance and equilibrium. Because of its activity, body movements are smooth and coordinated. Now we know how very much important our brain is in our body. It is good also to have a healthy brain to have healthy functions of our body. Now we know...

November 26, 2011

Rules of a Happy Love Affair

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  1. Never be both angry at the same time.
  2. Never yell at each other unless the relationship is on fire.
  3. If one of you has to win an argument let it be your love.
  4. If you love to criticize, do it lovingly.
  5. Never bring up mistakes of the past.
  6. Neglect the whole world rather than each other.
  7. At least once everyday try to say one kind or complimentary thing to your love one.
  8. When you have done something wrong, be ready to submit and ask for forgiveness.
  9. Never go home with an argument unsettled.
  10. Always have love, care and understanding everyday of the year.

Recipes for Our Coming Fiesta

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This month, I have been thinking of what to prepare for our fiesta on January 24, 2012. In the previous years, I always hired a cook to prepare the food for the said occasion. Last year, the payment for the cook was already P2,500.00 for two days. So, I am thinking, what if we will no longer hire a cook. I coordinated with my son and instructed him to look for recipes. Since he has no idea about it, he researched the recipes in the internet. I was so happy because he was resourceful. We plan to prepare Pork Adobo with potatoes and aromatic bay leaves, Pork Menudo, Lumpia Shanghai, Filipino Beef Caldereta, Crispy Pata, Pork Humba, Sweet and Sour Meat Balls, Pork Embutido , Pork Sinigang and also Lechon Kawali. For the dessert, I plan to prepare an ubi jam.

November 23, 2011

Come and Join Obstacles and Glories Thanksgiving giveaway

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My dear online friend, Chubskulit is giving away a free digital scrapbooking software at her blog Obstacles and Glories. So calling all blog tweakers, digital scrapbook addicts out there, come and join the her thanksgiving giveaway in her blog above! It is worth $50 and its one of the top digital scrapbook creators. Harness your skills and be amused of how digital innovation can do in making your family and life memoirs memorable!

November 18, 2011

Three Helpful Tips in Buying Vintage Jewelry

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Shopping for vintage jewelry is an overwhelming task. You have to extensively check every jewelry piece to make sure that there are no broken clasps, missing stones or even tarnished metals. Although it is a challenging task, it is also very fulfilling especially if you have found a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry at a very good price too. To help you with your jewelry shopping, here are some tips that you may find very useful:
  1. Visit a vintage shop or even a flea market to find one. It is best to talk with the dealer. Most dealers would know important details about the piece of jewelry such as the estimated value.
  2.  Check the underside of the piece of jewelry that you plan to buy. Usually these pieces have mark to show what type of metal it's made from. If it's made of silver, you would see a mark that says either “sterling” or “925”
  3.  Do your research on what type of piece you would want to buy. In this way, once you a good piece then you would know from what era it came from. You can decide whether it is a good buy or not.

November 17, 2011

How to gain an effective self image?

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1. I need to change my negative attitudes toward life.

2. I need to change my self condemnation.

3. I need to change my destructive thought.

4. I need to change my laziness pattern.

5. I need to change my bad manners.

6. I need to change my dull personality.

7. I need to change my sloppy dress.

8. I need to change my exaggerated gestures.

9. I need to change my poor physical appearance.

10. I shall be positive thinker.

November 15, 2011

How I got this far..

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This diploma pictures out how I reach this far. After graduating in high school I took many entrance test for engineering, seminarist, nursing and I forgot the others. Nursing was not the first option that I chose because mainly I love numbers so I go for courses that deals with numbers. But my decision was interrupted from my fathers choice. My father wants the three of us to take up nursing. I was thinking before my grade in anatomy and biology that is very low, the lowest grade I got so far in high school. And I dont like also memorizing the all the body parts from the smallest to the biggest. My interest is very very low when I deal with this topics. Despite of that, I have no comments with my fathers decision. I do not know my feeling that time it was unexplainable so I took up the last entrance test of nursing in Holy Name University. Luckily I passed and then got enrolled and enter the life of nursing. It was very hard to adjust at the first time but as time goes by I began to enjoy the field. I was thinking that I could not survive in the next years because every level comes very difficult. And also some unfortunate things happened to my family that time. A lot of crisis I faced at home and in school. And then there was a time that one of us will stop schooling because of financial crisis. I volunteered myself but my parents decided that I will continue because I was near to the end. I was very sad that time knowing that my sister will halt for schooling. I faced a lot of problems, difficulties and hardships wherever i go whether in school or at home. Despite of the trials, I focused myself on my studies and finish this at once. I prayed always to God for guidance and blessings for the total effort of my family to become a successful nurse. I thanked also to their greatest support especially my parents, my sisters and all my beloved persons who made me reach this far. And not knowing the time comes that I graduated and got the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It was a memorable moment for me because I had gone many hardships before and now the time came to hold the fruitful result of my perseverance in schooling. I did the very best of my I can that time so whatever is the result whether fail or success, I did strive for more. With also the help of God for He has known everything of my life. Nothing is impossible with God if you only believe in your self and to the Lord that you can make it, together we can make it.

November 14, 2011

" Weapon for Health at home "

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I got this only weapon at home - a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. This weapons are very precious to me because this old sphygmomanometer is from my sister which she used during her nursing school years and that I used it too and now we had graduated my youngest sister used it too. Its very durable and long lasting. This stethoscope is a gift given to me from my brother-in-law. I really treasure this memorable things of mine at home. Just like I treasure the health of my family. Number 1 priority disease at home is my fathers hypertension. As we all know this is a silent killer disease so anytime it could pull any life in earth. So this is a very big help for my fathers hypertension. Just simple monitoring on the blood pressure I could reduce the risk of hypertension. Monitoring could give immediate interventions to any possible problems related to hypertension like the common signs and symptoms, -occipital headache -blurring of vision and -dizziness. Because I value health and life, I value each of the persons of my life like my family. Every moment I treasured with them is the greatest moments of all. As a nurse, I will be armed at all times just like the old and basic weapons - sphygmomanometer and stethoscope for my loved ones hypertension disease. For health and life is the greatest gifst that God has given to us, let us treasure and use it for our good and the good of others.

November 12, 2011

" Surprising Medal of Honor "

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Way back high school, one of the most unforgettable moments in my entire life is my graduation day. Despite of all the crisis that had happen in our family, I never thought that I reached that far. During my student years, I am very much focus especially in my studies. My greatest inspiration that time is my family. I studied hard and persevere much. I woke up early in the morning to study, pass all the assignments and projects promptly and follow all the teachers and my parents command with respect and right manners. And from that strivings, I reached my goal to have a lowest grade of 86 and a highest grade of 92. I was really very happy that moment that I did it to the very best. My teachers that time told me to apply for Honors during the graduation. I did not apply because I thought of myself that I am just an average student that time. I even compare myself to the other achievers that are very high ranking to me so the decision is final and that I did not apply. And then the graduation day comes, it was a happy moment to me because I graduated at last in high school through the efforts of my parents and myself. At first I was sad because one of my goals is to bring my parents on top of the stage and show to the world my efforts. How I wish I'll bring them up in stage and make them proud and please. And then the surprise awards came. The people are tensed of who will get the awards surprisingly. Number 1 award is the St. Arnold Janssen award. This award is awarded to the student who has the attributes of St. Arnold Janssen who works hard in school. Surprisingly it was awarded to me. I heard my name and I did'nt expect it. I dont know what to do that time. So I stood up and walk beside the stage waiting with my parents and together we walk on the stage and then they assist in the wearing of the medal to me and then take picture, seeing the crowd very happy. I feel very much happy that time that at last, I did brought my parents on top of the stage making them proud and pleased. We were so very happy that time I cant almost move my legs to walk downstairs. The laid my medal in honor of my family especially to my parents and to God together with St. Arnold Janssen. That moment makes me very strong and thankful to God and to St. Arnold Janssen to the blessings and fortunes they gave to me that I realized and reached my dreams and my goals. And that time also I gain much confidence that I will believe in myself that I have the strength and perseverance to reach my goal. I failed many times but I stood up every end and start a new beginning in my life. Just believe in yourself and to God, do your best and God will do the rest.

Readings about Hydration

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Adequate fluid intake is important throughout life. Adults generally require an intake of 1 ml/kcal or 30 to 35 ml/kg of body weight. This generally equate to at least 2 liters or 8 cups of total fluids daily for most adults. Excess fluid intake can also occur, but is usually not dangerous unless fluid is being pushed beyond the thirst mechanism. With age, the sense of thirst diminishes. Dehydration in the older adult is associated with increased risk for falls, as dehydration adversely affects the sense of balance. Signs of dehydration include fatigue, mental confusion, poor skin tone, loss of ability to sweat, and constipation. Adults who take diuretics are at increased risk for dehydration. Excess alcohol intake, without intake of other sources of liquids, may cause dehydration because alcohol is diuretic. A graphic description of the color of normal urine can help adults recognize hydration. Urine that is dark yellow or amber generally reflects dehydration. Normal urine color is pale yellow.

November 10, 2011

The Rainbow

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One afternoon, I went to our chapel to say my novena to St. John the Baptist and St. Filomena. After staying at the chapel for 30 minutes, I went home at once as it is already 4:10 p.m. On my way home, it was somewhat cloudy in the eastern part but there was still sunlight in the western side. When I looked at the sky, I saw a big rainbow. I seldom saw this kind of display in the sky. It was so beautiful. I ran immediately towards our house to tell my son to take pictures of the rainbow. He has a camera on his cellphone and it is my only means to have documentation. Thanks God he got some pictures of the rainbow. I can remember when I was still young. All the children were very excited to see this heavenly phenomenon.

November 8, 2011

Housekeeping: Tips in preparing Home before Winter

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We are supposed to have a couple more weeks of good weather called "Indian Summer" during Fall season here in upper USA. For us this season means we have to get use of it for preparing winter proofing. As for our house, I wrote down what problems we encountered in last year's winter and formulated a list for ourselves on what to do this year to prevent that problem to come back. These tips can serve as a list to check to others as well.

First thing to check is to see how well your furnace is heating. If you set your thermostat to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and you still feel cold, then there is a problem. If you have a hot water based heating system, check your pipes under the furnace covers. These covers usually accumulate dirt and dust during Summer because of the heat and moisture in the air. Get a good vacuum cleaner and vacuum the dirt and dust surrounding the pipes so the heat in your house will circulate well.

Second thing to check is to clean your carpets. If you are busy or just doesn't feel up to cleaning your carpets, consider calling your local company like the top rated carpet cleaning companies austin, where they can offer professional job in cleaning carpets for you.

Third thing to check is to insulate your pipes under your kitchen or bathroom sink, and the pipes at the back of your shower. Make sure they are wrapped with either fiber-glass or tube sleeved insulation. When pipes are not insulated properly, there's a possibility that cold frosty days in winter can damage your pipes and you will suffer no water for days. 

Fourth thing to check is to check your bathroom tiles. Vinyl tiles doesn't last long especially when they are the thin quality and they tend to peel up and might hurt someone's foot. Consider checking out other tips like the tile cleaning tips austin, for do it yourself tile cleaning and installing to save money. Or if you are in time constraint, call your friends to help you or even your local company.

Fifth thing to check is to check the odor indoors when all windows and doors are properly insulated and closed. If you have pets, you might have odor problems inside your house and consider a company like stain and odor removal austin, where they can freshen up the smell in your house. You might want to have a clean and fresh atmosphere all winter long as you stay indoors.

There may be lots more of things to check before winter comes and make sure to organize your time so you will get this things done before the busy season sets in.

November 7, 2011

Readings on Articles on Marvelous Means of Curing

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Defense Against Sickness

The following are some means by which good health can be maintained:
1. Having the right and enough amount of vitamins and elements obtained from vegetables, fruit, and grains.
2. Using the natural ways such as: (a) bath restorer (b) Steam bath or Vapor bath (c) Cloth Covering (d) Showering (e) Herbal Teas (f) Sunbath
3. Acquiring Better Health through (a) Defending the entire nervous system (b) Maintaining good type of blood (c) Good digestion (d) Elimination through the lungs (e) Elimination through removal of poison in the liver (f) Elimination through perspiration (g) Elimination through the kidney

November 6, 2011

Our trip to Baguio City in 1997

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One day, my husband and I were cleaning our living room. Then, we came accross one of our albums. We stopped for a while to see our pictures on it. Oh we saw our pictures during our trip to Baguio City in 1997. We were all smiling as we remember the different places we had visited. To mention them, we had seen the Kennon Road, the Philippine Military Academy, Camp John Hay, the Botanical Garden, the Mansion, the Burnham Park, the Mines View and others. We did not expect we can go to this place because only well to do people can afford to see this place. We were able to have this oppurtunity because one of the friends of my husband offered him this trip.

November 1, 2011

Points to Ponder

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Until you have learned to be tolerant with those who do not always agree with you;
Until you have cultivated the habit of saying some kind word of those whom you do not admire;
Until you have formed the habit of looking for the good instead of the bad there is in others,
You will be neither successful nor happy.

If you hesitate or turn backward while under fire, you're not a fighter--your a quitter;
and the devil, himself, hates the person with a rubber backbone. He smells bad burning.