October 6, 2011

The Selling of Our Piglets

It's been a long day for me for the past 5 days. I've been looking for buyers of my 13 piglets. They are already ready for disposal as their age already reach 45 days. I was so restless because I've been thinking of the big expense of their feeds. Feeds for them will cost P44.00 per kilo. They will eat three times a day so I spent P132.00 per day. I keep on praying I can contact people who are interested to buy piglets. I saw a buyer and he bought 1 piglet only. My neighbor who heard about my piglets bought 1 piglet also. The other one was taken by the owner of the boar as payment for his services for my sow. I have now 10 piglets left. I was really worried because it's really hard to look for buyers. I know I cannot afford to raise all these piglets alone. Then, in the early morning of Oct. 7, 2011, a man knocked at our door. I opened the door and I saw the best friend of my husband who is also our neighbor. He said, he wants to buy 5 piglets. His son who just came home from Australia wants to buy 5 piglets. I was so very happy inside my heart. I didn't expect God answered my prayers. I gave him at once the 5 piglets. His total payment amounted to P10,000.00. I said to myself, I can now pay my debts that I borrowed for the tuition of my daughter. The rest of the money, I can use it to buy for our daily consumption. With this development, it is now easy for me to take care of the 5 remaining piglets. I think in the next few days I can dispose them easily. My Sincere Thanks to Our Almighty God who is the Great Provider of All.

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