October 26, 2011

Readings about Sore Throat

The acute inflammation of the throat causes hoarseness and a rough raw sensation when swallowing. In some cases, a sore throat precedes the onset of upper respiratory tract infection by bacteria/virus.
- Pain, rough dry feeling when swallowing. Ticklish sensation.
- Hoarseness.
- Redness at the back of the throat.
- Swollen tonsils (lymph glands at the back of the throat).
- Loss of appetite.
- Fever, in some cases.
- Quinsy (throat abscess).
- Rheumatic heart disease, due to untreated bacterial infection.
- Kidney damage due to an untreated bacterial infection.
- Bacterial or viral infection of the throat, resulting in pharyngitis(inflammation of the throat).
- Allergy
- Irritation (e.g. cigarette smoke)
What you can do:
- Speak as little as possible.
- Stop smoking.
- Drink plenty of fluids.
- Gargle with mouthwashes or warn salt water.
- Suck antiseptic lozenges or cough drops to soothe throat.
- Take simple painkillers.
- Consult a doctor if symptoms persist more more than 3-4 days, you run a high fever, develop a rash, or have breathing difficulty.

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