October 25, 2011

My son's heart and confidence

After my son graduated from college, it was my first time to see him boldly introduced to us his two female classmates. I was really surprised. When the two girls left from our house, I ask him if one of them was special to him. He answered indirectly that they are only his friends. Then days passed but I have observed that my son keeps on going out from our house during the night. I saw him talking to someone thru his cell phone. It took him almost one hour before he ends the said conversation. One day, I ask him, do you have already a girlfriend? He answered to me, not yet Mom. He is just starting to court. When his Dad knew this, he told his son, do you have the confidence to win the girl whom you like? My son only smiled at his father. He didn’t hear any answer. I was really concerned with my son feelings. After their conversation, I told my son about a website where he can get ideas how to become confident if you want to approach a woman. I convinced him to open at once The social man online because it has a lot of topics that can help him discover himself. I guarantee him that this website can change his outlook in life.

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