October 24, 2011

My Children's skills and business idea

As a parent, I am very particular of the education of my children. It is always my dream to send them to private school. I preferred this institution because I knew they have all the resources to give good training for their students. I want my children to have a good foundation especially during their pre -school, elementary and high school days. During these years, I noticed that my two daughters were able to develop their skills in Art particularly the drawing ability. I told my eldest daughter , someday you can make money out of your skill. In 2007, she got married . Being a stay home Mom, she keep herself busy by doing art stuff. When I saw her work through the email, I was impressed. Then, I told her why not sell these items online so a lot of customers can view your products. In this way she can start a small business commerce on her own. It is now the practice of most businesses to make good use of a website where they can sell anything they want. I have recommended her to build a website from Intuit online. I believe this website can help her establish an online store with lesser cost.

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