October 25, 2011

Mr. V's Pedia Visit

Yesterday, we went to Mr. V's pedia appointment. Mr. G felt concerned to Mr. V because he sensed that the pedia place has done something uncomfortable to him before so he went inside clinging to the side of my blouse. The nurse undressed Mr. V and he started making unnecessary movements. Mr. G started to cry and the nurse noticed and stop and entertained Mr. G to play with the puzzles. Mr. G calmed and played while the nurse continue the process. She measured Mr. V's head circumference, belly, height and weight. She boomed to me that my Mr. V is doing great and he is pretty big baby which has no problems. I am happy to know about that and a doctor came in and inspected Mr. V's ears, eyes and the milestone he had achieved like turning from tummy to back and he coos and smiles back when entertained. She's happy how my baby has grown and showed signs of improvement and that I still breastfeed him. Mr. V is now 15 pounds from 13 pounds from a month ago's pedia visit. I felt proud of how I took care of my sons when I heard the compliments from the nurse and doctor.

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