October 11, 2011

Hello Baby V

This afternoon, I had a wonderful time with my two kiddos. We are strangers in this new big city called Syracuse, and I'm happy that we could just walk 5 minutes to a nearby restaurant to have lunch, which is near our hotel. After we got back to our hotel's room, Mr. G hit the bed and slept while Baby V was in the mood of playing with me. I made funny faces and he just laughs away. It was my second time to notice that he responds a real baby laugh when I make funny faces to him. Here is a cute picture while I placed him in the sofa today.


  1. ayay! so comfy...mura man tawon ug korek woi...ehehhee....nagbalik diay mo sa Syracuse yotch?

  2. Yep, yotch, we're back in Syracuse uban2x with hubby's business trip.

  3. aaww. so adorable baby comfortably seated in a sofa. so cute ng baby mo mel!