October 21, 2011

A Finest ring for Engagement

When we talk about Engagement, it is the most significant day for both man and woman. It is the day where the man proposes to the woman he loves to become one with him in marriage. But what's more important to this occasion  for the man to show his pure intentions to the woman, is to choose the one "Engagement Ring" to bound her closer to him with pure intentions too. A man learns to sacrifice himself to buy the perfect ring for her, according to what he can afford, which is a big step other than their courting relationship. Engagement relationship  is geared towards lifetime commitment, thus the Engagement ring plays an important Symbol.

When I got engaged, I was also told that I can also return the ring to my fiance. And as what I have learned, if a woman returns the engagement ring, it is a way of jilting the man or maybe she loved another guy. But then my heart was pure when I said "Yes" after he proposed to me because I knew in my heart and in my mind that he is the man that I love and whom I will spend the rest of my life with. A few months before that day, he asked me about marriage and I knew he will propose to me anytime soon. I pondered and I prayed during those days asking God for guidance. In these days, there may be other styles of how men propose Engagement to their woman out there, but it is important to keep communication open between the two, and that both should continue to ask God's guidance for their hearts to keep loving each other.

Like one of those precious princess cut engagement rings in Diamond mansion online, my husband chose a beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring for me. It was a glorious day for me being chosen by a beautiful man, inside and out. And I also told myself, I will never lose this Finest ring as this is a symbol of love and commitment of my fiance, my one and true love.

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