October 31, 2011

A Father and Son Talk

During my marriage, we were blessed with three kids. I have only one boy. He is now fully grown up. He has just graduated from college last March 2011. When he was still a student, we always tell him not to get into relationship with girls so that he can focus on his studies. And he did. We did not see him getting along with girls. One day, we were surprised because he brought two young ladies in our house. He toured them at the back of our house because the area is overlooking the sea and the mountain ranges. The two young ladies were very much impressed of the beautiful view and admired our place very much. When the visitors left, my husband asked my son about the two girls. He suspected that one of them maybe special for him. During their conversation, my son did not hesitate to tell his father that he has some feeling of the girl with long hair. Only, he cannot just easily express it personally. Then, he advice him to use the cell phone. He can text the girl gradually. He inspires him that there are many ways how to text a girl you like. My husband seemed to understand that my son is now adult and he has to experience a relationship with a woman he likes. He just want to make sure that things goes well and that they won't hide anything from us. In this way, they will maintain open communication to themselves and to us and that they will not have unnecessary temptations that will bring stain to their relationship.

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