September 17, 2011

Words of Wisdom

No man has the right to strain the relationship of friendly acquaintance to the breaking point of asking or expecting of a friend that which might prove to be a burden to the friend.

It is impossible to tell your friends, by tactful suggestion, of your needs but take care not to ask them outright for assistance if you would retain their friendship.

The great Edison failed ten thousand times before he made the incandescent electric light work. Do not become discouraged and "quit" if you fail once or twice before making your plans work.

You are well on the road toward success if you have such a keen conception of life that you never build a plan which contemplates your requesting another person to do that which does not bring that person some corresponding advantage in return for compliance with your request.

I do not believe that I can afford to deceive others-- I know I cannot afford to deceive my self. This must be the motto of an accurate thinker.

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