September 3, 2011

A wedding parade in the beach

My whole family went to the lake beach near our town. We really missed going to the beach and its the sort of adventure that we have been craving all winter long. Thank God for the beautiful weather this summer and we were able to enjoy it. We invited baby Vince's god parents and my husband's family as well to join us and we all have a blast. We are thankful that they were there first and that they were able to reserve a picnic table for all of us as the beach were all packed up. George enjoyed the sand tickling his feet. We took him fir a dip and he was a little bit scary at first but was able to warm up after a while and played in the water himself. We just brought cold food and fruits with us. After a while we saw a limousine that passed by a couple of times on the road beside our table. We saw people coming out from it and they were all in the same clothing. And in a few minutes, a woman with her white wedding dress accompanied with a man in a black suit came out as well. My mother in law said they are the wedding parade that wants to take pictures with the beach background. Vince's godmother said that it reminds her of her daughter who just got married too. She said sometimes the best man or some wedding sponsor will shoulder a special expense like that to make the bride and the groom's wedding day a very special day.

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