September 9, 2011

It's Not Easy

It's almost one month and 25 days since my last post in this blog. It's been a long and stressful experience during the past days. I'm taking multi-vitamins with iron to ease my stress. You see I've been selling fish in the market to have additional income for my family. I thought it is easy to earn money by selling fish. I spent 12 hours inside the market waiting for customers to buy my fish. It's not easy. Customers just don't go to my place because there are a lot of fish vendors also as my competitors. They are selling their fish at a lower price than mine because their fish are third class variety. I have observed that most customers prefer the third class fish. My fish belongs to the first class. Besides, the existing fish vendors have already established their business compared to me as a new comer. I made a request from my supplier if he could supply fish for me at a lower price so I can easily disposed it. Until now, he has no response yet.

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