September 27, 2011

Spending Time in the Woods

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It's been a year since I go to the woods near our house. This lot has small trees and some plants growing on it. I was interested to visit the place because I saw some wild trees bearing with fruits that can be eaten. It's a good place also to have an exercise as the terrain is somewhat hilly. I enjoyed walking around because this place also has a nice view as it is located in a hilltop.

September 23, 2011

About Anxiety

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It is normal to feel anxious when you are stressed or have problems. Normal anxiety is temporary, and its symptoms (e.g. worry, fast heartbeats, sweaty/shaky hands, headache/muscle tension) subside when you overcome the stress and solve the problem. But anxiety is abnormal if:
  • you worry about things that normally would not cause much concern to most people;
  • you continue to worry long after the problem has been solved/gone away;
  • you worry about unlikely/unrealistic events, e.g. dying from cancer though you are healthy;
  • it affects your work/daily life. Abnormal anxiety or excessive worry can make you ill, or worsen any illness you may already have.

Quality eyeglasses from Zenni opticals

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Since I started wearing my eye glass, I haven’t gone to any optical clinic which offers prescription eyeglasses with the lowest price. Until I heard of Zenni Optical. My daughter told me that they are selling $6.95 prescription eyeglasses of good quality. So, I visited their website. I was really impressed. I can’t believe it only costs $6.95. The eye glasses were modern and beautiful. My daughter once told me that she was encouraging her mom in law to buy prescription eye glasses from Zenni Optical. I told her, Share your Zenni story online of how you encouraged your mom in law if when she buys it. I'm sure lots of her blog readers will  read it, as a lot of people will be interested to buy the prescription eyeglasses especially that they are very affordable. I knew her mom in law have plenty of friends that already wear eyeglasses that would be interested to buy from Zenni Opticals. Based on my experience, most of the matured people that wear eyeglasses are very practical. They will prefer eyeglasses that are less expensive. Besides, Zenni Optical have fashionable and attractive glasses especially that you can even match your eyeglass frames with the wardrobe you got this Fall season. Customers can choose any styles and colors they want of an eyeglass. I prefer eyeglasses with thin frames as it is lighter to wear. With Zenni Optical, I believe the customers will all be satisfied of their products and services.

September 19, 2011

To Use or Not To Use Make-Up

  • Gives you the psychological boost if skillfully used.
  • Minimizes or even totally hides defects, e.g. foundations and cover sticks are effective in covering red veins, spots and under-eye shadows.
  • Highlights good features.
  • Provides a protective cover against ultraviolet rays to a certain degree.
  • Use of too much make-up can make you look artificially dolled-up, too old, or simply worse than you could look.
  • Causes nasty reactions if it contains allergic ingredients.
  • Cause skin trouble if good hygiene of the hands and applicators are not observed.
  • Deprives the skin of vitality when make-up is applied for long periods of time.

September 17, 2011

Words of Wisdom

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No man has the right to strain the relationship of friendly acquaintance to the breaking point of asking or expecting of a friend that which might prove to be a burden to the friend.

It is impossible to tell your friends, by tactful suggestion, of your needs but take care not to ask them outright for assistance if you would retain their friendship.

The great Edison failed ten thousand times before he made the incandescent electric light work. Do not become discouraged and "quit" if you fail once or twice before making your plans work.

You are well on the road toward success if you have such a keen conception of life that you never build a plan which contemplates your requesting another person to do that which does not bring that person some corresponding advantage in return for compliance with your request.

I do not believe that I can afford to deceive others-- I know I cannot afford to deceive my self. This must be the motto of an accurate thinker.

September 9, 2011

It's Not Easy

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It's almost one month and 25 days since my last post in this blog. It's been a long and stressful experience during the past days. I'm taking multi-vitamins with iron to ease my stress. You see I've been selling fish in the market to have additional income for my family. I thought it is easy to earn money by selling fish. I spent 12 hours inside the market waiting for customers to buy my fish. It's not easy. Customers just don't go to my place because there are a lot of fish vendors also as my competitors. They are selling their fish at a lower price than mine because their fish are third class variety. I have observed that most customers prefer the third class fish. My fish belongs to the first class. Besides, the existing fish vendors have already established their business compared to me as a new comer. I made a request from my supplier if he could supply fish for me at a lower price so I can easily disposed it. Until now, he has no response yet.

September 3, 2011

A wedding parade in the beach

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My whole family went to the lake beach near our town. We really missed going to the beach and its the sort of adventure that we have been craving all winter long. Thank God for the beautiful weather this summer and we were able to enjoy it. We invited baby Vince's god parents and my husband's family as well to join us and we all have a blast. We are thankful that they were there first and that they were able to reserve a picnic table for all of us as the beach were all packed up. George enjoyed the sand tickling his feet. We took him fir a dip and he was a little bit scary at first but was able to warm up after a while and played in the water himself. We just brought cold food and fruits with us. After a while we saw a limousine that passed by a couple of times on the road beside our table. We saw people coming out from it and they were all in the same clothing. And in a few minutes, a woman with her white wedding dress accompanied with a man in a black suit came out as well. My mother in law said they are the wedding parade that wants to take pictures with the beach background. Vince's godmother said that it reminds her of her daughter who just got married too. She said sometimes the best man or some wedding sponsor will shoulder a special expense like that to make the bride and the groom's wedding day a very special day.