August 1, 2011

Perseverance : Towards Success

In perseverance you will name it all. This is the word that success comes in result. In life, you cannot earn as much as you dream if you will not persevere in your work. In basketball, you will not score as high as the teams score if you will not persevere playing. You cannot earn a degree that you dream if you will not persevere in your studies. Why is perseverance important because you will never know that beyond your imagination God will provide you not only the fruit but the fruits of labor, the sweats of happiness and the gift of becoming success. Believe and trust in your self and to God because you are the only director of the journey of your life. In this words you will drag yourself in the road and persevere because right the end of the road success is awaiting. It is in yourself that the vital of being a persevering person, 100% a chance of awaiting the bearing and shining success.

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  1. right you are. in every thing that we do, we have to focus and work hard in order to achieve what we really want in life...

    a visit from kim!