August 5, 2011

An Inspiring Poem : Words of Anatomy

That’s the way it is…
When I begun the sail at the very start,
Such impulses flock and perspire my heart.
I thought the world can be reach by my digitals
But I was wrong,
It was nothing and I found myself lying down and even broke my tibials.
Things paled and changed posteriorly
As if at only one blink of my orbitals,
I now live not in line with the reality.
Unfortunate expectations and things did rushly happen
Wow! It shocked my neurons and the transmission were all ruined.
Everyday I wake up with my orbicularis oculi and dream of worldly ambition,
Now, I move my primary motor area not in my guided position.
The adventure seems to depolarize which in fact it is now externally negative,
My blood circulation becomes turbid and ragidly intensive.
I don’t know how, where and what to do,
I had become an antigen in my body like the invasion of a flu.
But I know my cerebrum is alive and in its active state,
To slap my face and wake up before its too late.
Now I know and I’ll drew my strength from my inspirations,
And come to think there is still hope beyond this tremendous illusions.
I had still my active cells ,
And now it’s the time to do the right conduction,
In order to have an immediate cellular response and continue my mission.
All this tragic and dramatic things is just the beginning,
I just keep myself firm and learn all what it had bring.
For Life is like this, there is insufficient and excess,
Lets just pray and have trust in our system for the ultimate success.

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