August 9, 2011

Hypertension : Silent Killer

At all causes, hypertension is idiopathic. You might not know that you have already hypertension. Some says it is hereditary. Well it is. It is very important that you know the background of your family because once you trace this in your family tree then therefore there is a greater chance of acquiring this illness. This illness will kill the patient in an unexpected time. But there are signs and symptoms on how to prevent it. Most common manifestation is the occipital headache so if you experienced this symptom be sure to consult your doctor right away. Being obese, smoking and has a family history of the disease are common predisposition of this illness. And to prevent this disease is to stop smoking, avoid heavy fat and oily meals and to exercise regularly. But the most important prevention is to to have a discipline to your self. Control your healthy lifestyle because life is precious.

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