August 11, 2011

"Follow Your Heart"

In life, loving a person in whom you know that you have fallen for him/her is not that easy. Some says its like eating a an alm. My professor in math in high school loves to say math is easy... Its like eating an alm. Does it really follow like that? hmmm... For me it depends. What if the alm is hot? Is it easy to eat? I don't think so. Just like in this situation, loving a person whom you know that you have been fallen for him/her is not easy. I could say this statement of mine because I've been in this now. Long years of waiting in the edge of the road with her is so tragedic. I mean we passed a lot of time together. And I found myself with her in the greatest moments of my life. Of coarse its not that quiet easy we've been in quarrels and misunderstandings. But what is the secret that still even now that we are together? Its because the key in my heart that I followed. I lasted this long and I stood in this strong that she is really the one in my heart that I followed. And even she pushes me to anybody out there I could'nt do that because I'm so fearful that I can only hurt that somebody that whom my heart does'nt follows. I did'nt miss the chances because I know God gave me this oppurtunities in time and I did'nt waste it. I cherished it and all the time that I'm with her, there is no single thing that I regreted in my life because I followed my heart. I share this experience of mine because I want to mean up to everybody not only in love but in all situations in life, following your heart will lead you in the right road of your life that prevents you from regretion: the number one factor of misleading and failure of life journey.

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