August 16, 2011

"Determination" The Word

A common word for everyone to hear. 13 letters to compose the word to bring out the reality. But the question is, is everybody knows the word truly? How about heartily? how does it brings impact into our life especially now? Life right now is full of trials. The world is circled with conflicts that lead to hardiness and toughness of what we want to do. Scarcity is almost reaching the climax and people began to struggle for each of their survival. Jobs are becoming vague that lead to unemployment and staggering life surviving status. What does this all tell us? In times of difficulties we should never forget to turn with the Lord and put Him in our heart. This is what the Lord calls us to be with Him and let Him rule our life because He is only the one who knows our life here in earth. Turning to him employs us to be our self determination. We are determined to Him and we must live life with Him and beyond all this our trials, difficulties, hardships, failures it does'nt matters. As long as we are determined to each self then we could win the battle and let it be ourself the last man standing on our life. Put God and determination at partners because it is only the way to fought and win the battle.