July 16, 2011

My mother in law's eyeglasses

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My family in law has been in great distress lately. I noticed my mom in law has a crack of her eyeglasses and she seem doesn't mind it. I told her she might consider looking for new prescription eyeglasses so it will help her for a good vision. I was thinking of telling her that I found cheap eyeglasses online that she might consider buying. I heard of Zenni opticals as one of the best and cheap eyeglass makers online. I found interesting eyeglasses in their selection lately which are those eyeglasses with tinted lenses that are perfect for summer wear. When I visited their website, they have $6.95 prescription eyeglasses for sale lately to those who wanted to order cheap quality eyeglasses online. I know my mother in law loves to buy cheap and quality products but I don't know when she will buy a new eyeglass for herself. She is still lamenting of the condition of my father in law who is still critically ill in the hospital. I also whispered to my father in law today to not worry and that I will help my mother in law to take care of herself. I wish I could encourage her to think of buying new eyeglasses even though they are in great distress.

The Habit of Doing More than Paid For (cont'n.)

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"There are no lazy men. What may appear to be a lazy man is only an unfortunate person who has not found the work for which he is best suited".

"There is always room for the man who can be relied upon to deliver the goods when he said he would".

"Knowledge becomes POWER only through organization and USE! Do not forget this.

" You can never become a Leader without doing more than you are paid for, and you cannot become successful without developing leadership in your chosen occupation".

"Make it your business to render more service and better service than that for which you are paid, and lo! before you realize what has happened, you will find that the world is willingly paying you for more than you do!".

July 6, 2011

An eventful travel

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I got nostalgic that a month ago from today, my family and I traveled 7 hours from Warren to Syracuse for my husband to attend training for his work and for me and for my toddler to explore the big city a little bit for one week. My husband was able to stay one week in the hotel while for me, I was able to stay two days in it. I was in the hospital in between those days. Had a preterm labor and gave birth unexpectedly to our second baby who is supposed to be due on July 27th. And because our baby was a preemie, he was confined in the hospital for 15 days. We had an eventful time in those 15 days. Most of those days we visited him in the hospital and for me to breastfeed him. Two of those days I stayed the whole night in the hospital to give him proper multiple feedings so he will mature fast and that we could bond as mother and baby. My husband and I agreed with the social worker to refer us in a charity house rather than staying in the hotel in those days because it is very expensive to extend stay in a hotel. I was able to grab personalized pens and notepad as a souvenir from the hotel. It was a little bit of luxury for our part to stay in it as it has king sized bed, 2 big sized television with satellite channels, clean and complete bathroom, living room and kitchen. I thought it would be very different to stay in a charity house rather than in a hotel, but it didn’t. Staying in a charity house was the same as living in a hotel, only its fee is cheaper than hotel’s and the premises are big are for families to share. We were able to meet good families there with different cases of hospitalized relatives. We were able to see Syracuse’s famous zoo. We were to visit their famous mall, lots of times. We were able to attend mass in their big and beautiful Basilica. And we almost lived there like we are permanent residents. I felt dramatic feeling to let go with it when it was time for us to go home to Pennsylvania. Though our stay was unexpectedly to be longer, we had good times and bond as a family to have lived in one of the big cities in New York state.