June 4, 2011


About Fats

Fats supply energy too. Their other functions include transporting nutrients and being part of many body cells. Take note also that fats are made of fatty acids. Because our body can’t make all of the fatty acids, some are essential in food. Some fatty acids are more saturated, others more unsaturated.

About Proteins

Proteins are made of amino acids. These are building blocks that build, repair, and maintain our body tissues. Our body makes non-essential amino acids; others must be supplied by food. Proteins also provide energy when carbohydrates and fats are short of supply. If they are used for energy, they cannot be used to maintain body tissue.

About Vitamins

Vitamins trigger many body processes. They work like spark plugs, setting off chemical reactions in body cells. Each vitamin regulates different body processes. Because their roles are specific, one cannot replace another.

About Minerals

Minerals are “spark plugs” too. And, like vitamins, they each have a unique job description.

About Water

Water regulates body processes. It carries nutrients and other body chemicals to our cells and carries waste products away. Water helps regulate our body temperature. It makes up 55 to 75 percent of our body weight.

The above information were based on my readings about health guide.

The Giant Fern that grows in my backyard

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