June 24, 2011

Language of Gems (cont'n.)

Emerald - exposes false friends and ensure true love.
Garnet - symbolizes constancy and fidelity.
Jasper - wisdom and courage.
Moonstone - brings good luck.
Onyx - ensures conjugal fidelity.
Opal - a stone of ill-omen, portending loss, injury or madness.
Pearl - signifies purity and innocence.
Peridot olivine) - dispels evil passions and melancholy.
Ruby - discovers poison, corrects the evils of false friendship.
Sapphire - denotes repentance, breaks spells.
Sardonyx - a symbol of married happiness.
Topaz - signifies fidelity and friendship; a charm against bad dreams.
Turquoise - symbol of love and success.

It will be observed that most gem stones are free from such connotations and those listed are associated with their traditional colours: garnet is red, beryl - golden, jasper - red, sapphire - blue, and topaz - yellow.

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